What does the community think about the large amount of translucent parts in G2?

LEGO has seemed to be fond of putting trans armor pieces since the “Ordeal of Fire” Hero Factory wave, and this trait has seemed to be carried into Bionicle G2, in my opinion it’s a bit too much. What do the rest of you think?

We get it, LEGO, you’re really good at melding translucent and opaque plastics


It looks cool.

Depends. I like variation. Anything in excess is uninteresting.


Imo I really really like the inclussion of trans colored pieces, so I don’t mind.

However I can see it becoming the silver equivalent of G1


I feel like the sheer amount of trans parts is a bit too much. It’s cool to get trans melded masks, and the occasional bone/ armor, however I find that often most sets of a wave have trans parts, and in the case of some Skull villains, the trans colors clash. In G1, (not that G2 needs to match it) trans parts were kind of special to get, they were kinda rare.

I agree, I loved the neon green bones on Pohatu, and the trans masks are really cool.

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I like that we get a lot of them, but I wish they were done better. They look slapped on rather than integrated into the model to make it look like flowing energy. For example, Ekimu 2016 looks like something designed by small children for the reason of “just because”. And yet someof them DO pull it off pretty well, for example I thought Kopaka 2015 did it quite nicely. Same with Onua 2016.

I like them, but they do hinder MOC potential.

I’m not a fan of trans armor though you could probably find uses for it. For instance, a being made completely of fire or water would look good covered in trans.

Trans takes some realism away though. To me, bionicle armor is just painted metal like car bodies in the real world. When was the last time you saw a translucent car that wasn’t a toy?



I think it’s a good compliment to the transparency Lego puts in its story structure.

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I think it works nicely.



I like trans colors When they are used to represent something like maybe a super charged version of a weapon or stuff like that, but when you just make everything trans it’s like, oh yeah here we have Kopaka toa of glass limbs. Thats one of the reasons Lewa was my favorite toa in 2016

I like trans colors but I wish LEGO had a constraction theme that focused more on realistic builds with solid color bones and armor –

oh wait Star Wars exists doesn’t it

I think it works because it represents whatever energy the wearer has is flowing through them

I like that it differentiates itself from G1 in that way

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It can look good when used correctly, for example, as an accent or as with what @Ultronfingerstudios said.

What I don’t like is when it’s spammed all over like on the new Ekimu set.

I actually don’t mind it on Ekimu because it makes it look like he’s bristling with energy

and by all means, this does look like just a bigger version of small ekimu, the only thing really different is the trans mask, its almost as if the mask is making him this way

that’s just my opinion though



I get the energy thing, but yeah, I would have preferred a different coloured torso armour piece. It just looks kinda weird to me.

I think the reason the torso is trans blue with gold printing is because normal ekimu has a trans blue shell with a gold piece put over it

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Perhaps, but hey, gives me something to modify. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the one hand, it can get a little tiresome, but I dunno, for me it kinda makes the characters feel more detailed and lively, as if they look less ‘cheap’.