What Features do You Like Best on a Kanohi?

We’re strictly talking appearance here. I’m sure that mask powers have had plenty of discussion already.

To begin, I prefer the kind of mask where the mouth calls little attention to itself, or is overshadowed by other features. As iconic as it is, Tahu’s Mask is not my favorite. The second feature I like best is when there’s a middle ground of complexity to the geometry. With that said, three masks that would fit this bill would be those of Pohatu Mata, Onewa Metru, and Jaller Mahri. I’m not a fan of any of the Nuva masks.


I like Kanohi Miru and Akaku. It’s cool how they are both relatively complex, but they also embody the simplistic nature of Bionicle’s early years.

I find myself drawn to kanohi that don’t really show a mouth. Kind of like the kakama or the huna. So not the rau. Overall, the kakama is the best mask.

The Huna’s a weird one. Every time I look at it, I see Squidward.

As for the Rau, it’s really the most basic mask out there. You could kinda just use it as a template.

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I will now never be able to unsee that. Thanks.

You’re welcome!

The Metru version is awesome, that’s another good one.

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Some of my favorites:
-Kakama: The combination of indentation, cheek elements and sharp angles really make it ‘pop’ for me.
-Miru Nuva: The extending areas give it a nice aerodynamic feel. Fairly well contained, unlike most Nuva masks, which look like wrinkly faces.
-Pakari Mistika: Although radically different, I like the aerodynamic design, sharp angles and cheek fins.
-All hordika masks: I just love the details. They all look unique and fabulous.

I suppose I like masks with various details in general and fairly streamlined designs. In contrast, I’m not a fan of the wrinkly kanohi nuva designs nor overly simple masks. This is why I don’t use Pakari, Hau and Miru too often. I can’t bring myself to like circuitry and emphasized mouths either. The large holes on Miru are a bit off-putting too.

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I remember I had the one Ko-Matoran whose mask looked like a Sci-Fi hockey mask. That one was just weird.

Good custom paint jobs

I like all of the masks equally, since I don’t want to offend any of them.


I’ve always loved the intense looks of the great mahiki as well as the aarthron

The Akaku is the best mask, because it has a scope, all other masks are forever inferior

I greatly admire the elegance and simplicity of the 2001 masks. Without a doubt my favorite of the bunch, and of Bionicle as a whole, is the Great Pakari. The simple eye design and lack of any other facial features gives it an intense look of serenity and pensiveness, and I love how it manages to incorporate technical-looking vents while still retaining the distinct tribal feel. It fits Onua’s wise and quiet personality to a T.

Later years gave me a greater appreciation of its subtlety. They could’ve easily made a much bigger, meaner, bulkier mask that screams RAW POWER but instead they went for a simple design that conveys inner rather than outward strength. There’s an unmistakable timelessness to it that later masks like the Pakari Nuva don’t come anywhere close to matching.


I like masks thay don’t have an obvious mouth peice, specifically the Noble Huna.

I like all masks that aren’t dumb.

Jokes aside, I dislike the Great Kaukau and Rau very much due to their lack of eye holes, but that’s not the question…

Alright, here we go. Personally, I’ve always liked the Great Kakama, there’s just something about it, and it was carried over well into the G2 versions of it aswell. I also always liked the Noble Miru, it kimd of reminds you somewhat of the Kakama with the cheeks, I guess I just like those cheeks… The Great Huna is another fine mask, but more simple than the Noble Miru. The Noble Ruru also looks pretty good I think, it’s simple but effective.

I do find most if not all post-golden era masks are very cluttered, and for some it works, other, not so much… Do I tend to like the 01 masks the most over all.

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The Great Kakama has always looked a bit feline to me, does anyone else see it that way? I can’t really explain the eyes, but the side vents totally look like whiskers.

The Avohkii and the Kraahkan, more info on why in a little bit once I have more time to edit this.

Is it the Akaku?

Then it’s the best

Unless it’s Solek


I’ve always liked the masks that let a good bit of the head show through, since most of the bionicle head pieces look very interesting. This includes the the Komau, and the masks with inner visors, among others. I also favor the dynamic shaping of the Kualsi and the Kakama Nuva.

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