What games have you been playing lately?

I've been playing lots of Skyrim and TF2.


I've recently been playing TF2 and lots of RCT2 after it's steam release.

I did some Bionicle Heroes and occasionally Minecraft. I rarely play many games now, I just derp around on the web and write stories.

Minecraft and a little Ratchet and Clank. I'm like @squeaverking, I don't play video games much anymore and I don't know anyone well enough to play free games with people on steam(though I do have it) * rubs finger on steam and dust streaks off *

When I'm on the computer, I play Dota 2 and when I'm on my Xbox I play Dark Souls II or Halo: Reach. That's all I've played lately. stuck_out_tongue

My friend Greg is playing Dark Souls II he won't shut up about it. :lol: He says its pretty hard, and I've heard that around, is that true?

Uh, yeah it's pretty tough for the majority of the game at least the first time through. I struggled through it for a while even though I've beaten the first Dark Souls multiple times, because they changed the combat mechanics and made everything hit really hard.

Well is it at least fun? Sounds like it would just give me an ulcer and cause me to break at least two PS3 controllers and maybe the PS3 in a fit of rage. XD Maybe some day I'll try and play both those games. But I'll need rubber padding. stuck_out_tongue

It's fun in the way it looks really cool and it's addicting to play yet you still feel upset most of the time because of all the dying. I'd say play the first one, well first, though.

Yeah, I definitely start with the first game first. stuck_out_tongue I only have a PS2. Been broke and focusing on lego and music the past 6 years so I haven't had a newer console since then and only just got a computer powerful enough to play games for Christmas and just haven't had the money to get some of the games I've been dying to play for PC yet. Not that I really want to. I'm a console gamer. I like the simplicity of :B "turn on shiny box and glowy square-> Put shiny round thing in shiny box->shiny box plays shiny round thing on the glowy square." No installations no advanced setting crap, no hardware issues, just stramlined simplified gaming that I know is going to work. I'm not a graphics whore. That bush I'll se for .006 seconds as I run past it doesn't need to be crystal clear. stuck_out_tongue

Heh, yeah, I'm not really one or the other, I like playing games on both PC or Xbox but I think it comes down to which platform I feel most comfortable playing specific games on. Like, I have TF2 on both PC and Xbox but I think it's a lot better on the PC control wise, and I also have Halo on both but I like it on the Xbox a lot more.

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I have been playing ratchet and clank 3, kingdom hearts 1.5 (I am trying to get that freaking ultimablade thing)
and minecraft

I've been playing Planetside 2 on PC and want to get around to finishing Final Fantasy VI on my PS3.

Minecraft, Transformers Universe and yeah... Does Netflix count as a game? ~Detox

Transformers cybertron games. Fish stick(call of duty). Lots of gameboy games. Pokemon Y, tomodachi life, animal crossing. Minecraft. And the best game(for now in my opinion) Battleblpck Theater.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes and the greatest Star Wars game created, REPUBLIC COMMANDO!!

Oh man, Republic Commando was awesome. It really needed a sequel, and we never got one. :cry:
Also, Transformers Universe is cool.


They planned Imperial Commando, but it got cancelled (unfortunately).

Lately, I've been playing a lot of Ace Combat Infinity and The Witcher. Both games are in my opinion great, although for various and fairly obvious reasons.

I've been playing Star Trek Online for about a week straight now, (which is funny because I'm not that big of a trekkie otherwise) but FTL is my second most played game on Steam next to Terraria.