What Happened At Beacon While Kyoryu Yellow Was Gone (From the never ending faction war)

Brace yourselves, @KyoryuYellow1138 and @BeefJStag, brace yourselves.
Squeaverking waved goodbye to Kyoryu Yellow as he went on a adventure. He went about his day in Beacon, cursing at Cardin, helping the Grimm squeaver colonies with nests in the ventilation shafts for a planned invasion of the school, spying on Cinder, Mercury and Emerald, fiddling with his crown, leaving notes with false threats on them to make people paranoid, and finally, drop toothbrushes from the ceiling of the cafeteria. That was until something was heard from a nearby closet. It sounded like the rustling of jimmies!

He approached the door and opened it. Out of it fell a dead giraffe. Squeaverking immediately slammed it shut, and screamed “As Bionicles would say it ‘WHAT THE ACTUAL KARZAHNI!!!’” Immediately, team JNPR, excluding Pyrrha ran over. “What was that!?” Jaune yelled. Then, a man in a tan jacket walked over with a deerskin suitcase. The man was immediately killed by an unmistakeable shot from a Crescent Rose. “Ruby!” Nora yelled, but they couldn’t see the killer of the man in a tan jacket with a deerskin suitcase.

At that moment, the closet opened and a ton of canned waffles came out, and Squeaverking had to run like it was an avalanche, while JNR merely stepped back. “We need to get out of here!” Squeaverking yelled and ran. They soon found themselves hearing screams throughout the day of students seeing this picture: http://www.deviantart.com/art/LEGO-Galidor-Fan-Button-464831397
(I’m sorry for those that like Galidor)

“What is going on out there!?” Ren asked. At that moment, Squeaverking took off one of his shoes and put another note of death to all that don’t tell us what the Karzahni is going on, and chucked it out a window. Through the ventilation shafts came six canisters that landed in Pyrrha’s fishtank and drifted toward an island.

Soon, an axe broke the door open and Squeaverking yelled “Screw you guys!” And hopped down the outside of a gutter and running for the flag pole. He climbed up there and untied his other shoe, and tied the laces around the pole. He then muttered “Remember where it all began…” He said, remembering the detonator in his pocket. He had set up C12 explosives everywhere in case this happened. In case that fourth wall was broken by the titans. He pressed the red button as Deadpool riding Pinkie Pie came bursting out the front doors. He then saw Kyoryu Yellow with his mouth open with a shocked expression. The flames from the explosion spelled out “Half Life 3 Confirmed” and Kyoryu Yellow said “It’s all ogre now…”


Cool, but I would just like to point out that this is Beacon in 2046. The Abarangers attend, and the TTV cast members are teachers.


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