What happened to Bionicle MOC compilations

Everyone here has probably seen Best Bionicle MOCs ever 1, 2 and 3. And I don't know about you, but that's what first inspired me to make my own Bionicles. Admittedly, they weren't great, but the characters that I made have been a big part of my childhood. I would love if someone could start making MOC compilations again, not just with MOCs from the boards, but from other sites too. Maybe a "Best MOCs of the month" for each month...


There's been a decline in 'My MOC' videos?


maybe the older MOCcers are busy and the Newer MOCcists are focused on single videos?


Yeah, MOCers these days make "MOC reviews" of their own MOCs...

I make MOCs, but I put them as Board posts.

I might make a video sometime.

hmm, surely "moc showcases" would make more sense...

I wouldn't know, I'm not really interested in biotube.

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I could certainly attempt them, and do Best on the Boards video or something. But I haven't done anything with my own MOCs on my channel yet, except a how to build of my self-MOC.
If I do a video, I'll post a link.
What would also be cool is it some people from the Boards got together and did a MOC Advice thing, since people like Callan and Cossy don't do that anymore. I know @RaptorTalon and @Lord_Dcast do it on Okoto Studios sometimes, but videos just for that reason by Board members would be good, and some good PR for people to join the site to get their MOCs reviewed.

Seems like a good idea. I might start doing that next year.

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They died out with the Charleston :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to say they weren't interesting. Those videos were always a good way to showcase what you've built, so long as you had some interesting background music.

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The CliffHorse Crew (ngram and MaximumWarp, specifically) used to do this, but they cancelled it because life.