What Happened to Lhikan's Hau?

In 2006, Jaller switched his mask from hau. The hau that he had was Lhikans’s hau, so where did it end up?

Well The Toa Nuva went to Karzahni got Lhikan’s Hau and other Toa Marhi’s masks.


Of this realm, nothing is left … nothing but a Noble Hau floating on the water, one which once belonged to a hero. Tahu saves it from being lost, and that is good.

Q: Hi Greg, got a question for you - did Lhikan’s Hau eventually get returned to Jaller? If so, did Jaller replace his Kanohi Arthron with it (I imagine he would if given the chance, as it has much greater sentimental significance, plus, shielding is probably more useful to him than sonar anyways).
A: Since we know the Nuva retrieved the Hau, it would be reasonable they would have given it back to Jaller at some point.

The other 5 masks were not stated to be retrieved as far as I know; I recall this having been asked on the CwGF topic but I’m not finding it.


Oh, thanks! I didn’t know.

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