What happened to the war topic?

it was going so well, can we please continue it? thank you :smile:

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I don’t really think that this topic was warranted.

If a topic is not locked, you can revive it at any time, regardless of the date of the last post.
And, if memory serves me correctly…

  • stealthily checks the War Topic *
    …it is not locked, and therefore can be revived by anyone who cares.

It simply seems that, up to now, no one has cared.

So I’d say it’s okay to go ahead and revive it, but then, what power do I wield in these matters?


Marendex the Herald of Anti Necro Posting Messages fulfills his role admirably once more.

There is no rule against necro posting, so all discussion about…various battles with Bionicles…can continue there.

At least I think that’s what goes on there. I’m not completely sure.