What have I done (Goodguy 2015)

Whelp, I have no clue if anyone has done this yet, someone probably did very early in the year, I never looked. However, this now exists, figured I'd make one before the year's end, and now my regrets shall forever follow me for eternity.

This was not a serious build, just something I thought would be humorous to make before 2015 ends, so here's something that will hopefully give someone a chuckle, and even if this has been done before then at least there isn't another like the one I made (hopefully).

Also, sorry if the pictures are a bit pixelized then I apologize, I had to import these on a completely different computer due to some issues with mine, hope the general idea gets through though.



h a i l d e n m a r k


You forgot the batteries.

Ok seriously though this thing is pretty funny and legitimately does look like one of the generic promotional 'characters'


P r a i s e b e t o L E G O


I was tempted to have him sitting on a throne made of batteries, but I didn't have anything to hold them together at the moment.
Anyway, thank you very much, I was really trying to nail that believable "half arsed" promotional set look of them. I spent way too long deciding whether or not to have an eyestalk though. I'm glad you got a laugh from it, that's the main reason I slapped him together while it was still 2015.


In all seriousness, I actually like how that body is built. ;_;


Seriously? It's just 3 double socket arm/leg pieces, and and the smallest ball and socket bone available for the neck, it isn't anything special though if you think it's good then thank you.

... Now I'm wondering if something cool could actually be done with that 4 piece body design.

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I would love to have some ot these parts, so I dont care if it was a real one

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OH GOD WHY MY EYES THEY BURN WHY GOD WHY WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE SUCH PAIN. just kidding this is the best moc I have ever seen

No....Noooo plz no no!

picks up phone
"Hello Hardware Store I need your finest Machete"
puts down phone

Nice Moc

I love this!


Hail Denmark.

I certainly know you are not an uncultured walnut! Great job!

This is beautiful.

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He's back, back again.

Good guy's back, tell your friends.


"I am a tragic product of Swedish advertising." ~ Good Guy (Reviving Bionicle 3)

Wonderful moc indeed.


I find it hilarious how something I made for laughs using just 19 pieces seems to be the most popular of my MOCs.

That or maybe the title catches everyone's morbid curiosity.

I think this belongs on the moc spotlight :smiley:

I hope to Mata Nui you're joking XD

The word Joke isn't in my vocabulary :expressionless: