What if masters could request custom titles?

Just a thought I had. I have a feeling if this was executed on, then staff would set a rule about how often or limit how many changes we get per period of time. Would y’all be willing to consider this?

I like this idea, but it seems like it could get a little annoying for the mods. Also it would diminish the value of other titles that people earned.

I am all for it.

Yes! I love it!

I think it’s a good idea, but as MOCingbird said, it could make custom titles that people already have not have as much value.

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I think it should be a patreon thing instead imo as there’s a patreon icon to convey that as well and would avoid less confusion

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I mean, I agree with this for obvious reasons, but most people probably won’t agree.

As per value, patreon people stil have the little emblem thing by their PFP.

I think it would be fun, but unlikely.

Funny you mention that, as it indeed WAS a Patron award for awhile. It was taken away with the majority of the other rewards when the Patreon was simplified, however.

And this seems to be why it hasn’t been a feature for masters. Eljay was in charge of getting the custom titles created when that was a reward, and nothing happened for awhile until one day there was a message posted in the Discord chat to send in titles and he got it done in one afternoon.

If this task were relegated to us mods, then it might not be a big deal split between the five of us or so.


Man I’m getting déjà vu, I remember this discussion happening back in 2015…

I think restoring the custom title option to Patrons would be a good move. Though the simplified scheme of the Patreon may make that hard to manage, since it would apply to all Patrons.

One way of resolving that would be to have it apply to only people that are both Masters and Patrons. While that may seem a bit too exclusionary, I think custom titles warrant a steep investment.

In this suggestion if a person loses Master or stops being a Patron, then they’d still retain their title, however they wouldn’t be able to have it changed unless they regain the status of both Master and Patron.


To differ from Waj, I’d say I think I’d be fine if both current patrons and masters (as in, you only need one or the other) could request changes. The two aren’t particularly large groups anyways.

Or maybe we’ll just have to introduce TT V-Bucks to pay for changing it


I could see that happening but I think it’d be over the top personally

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