What if Okoto is on Spherus Magna

Think about it. Much of Spherus Magna is unexplored. What if Okoto is an island somewhere on Spherus Magna?

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Related question, if it is on Spherus Magna, does it exist before the planet was destroyed or after it was reformed?

...b-b-but it's a reboot. frowning

It would be interesting, though. But then what timeline are the Toa from?

The toa were retrieved using the Vahi, a mask of time, not necessarily the same Vahi as the 03-04 storyline. It could be a different piece of the mask with different time powers; mainly transporting beings through time. The Toa, before or somehow after the g1 storyline, could be transported through time to save Okoto.

And as for an explaination of why the toa have no memory of their adventures together; they had quite a long fall when coming to Okoto didn't they?

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I believe it's a reboot, but I did have a theory that could possibly still be a thing, and it plays into what you say here, what if Okoto is on spheres magna before the shattering and Ekimu and Makuta are actually great beings and the toa had to pull some x-men days for future past stuff to go back in time to save the future? I think that would be a cool plot twist

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It would have to be awfully secluded from the rest of the known universe

@PinkFluffyNyran and I were playing and Okoto was the core of Spherus Magna. More likely than what Willess thought.

I mean, the core of a planet is generally a near-liquid sphere of Iron, but that's none of my business I suppose.

That might explain why the Toa fell from the sky.

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I had a sudden idea for a Crossover of the 2. To the story board!

Especially when it's canon that Spherus Magna's core is made of energized protodermis.

And okoto has numerous moons and planets above it. It's inpossible from both sides.

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That's a cool idea. I've a better one,

What if Spherus Magna is on Okoto? grin

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makes sense I mean the native are biological or at least behave like they are. (as in they are born grow up grow old and die, plus they have metal bones like the agori and glatorian)

Except we know from multiple media what the space geography around Spherus Magna is. It has none of the moons Okoto does.


I wouldn't think that Okoto would be on Spherus Magna, or at least, not the Spherus Magna we know, bear with me for a moment. We know that alternate realities are a thing in Bionicle, the very existence of the Olmak proves it, so I would propose that the Okotoverse is merely one of the infinitely many universes there are in Bionicle.

This also just happens to open up for a universe hopping Veson crossover...

yes ! what you said xD

I'd have to agree. Pesonally, I don't think it's on any Spherus Magna and it exists as its own, entirely different universe, but it's not outside the realm of possibility.

But it can in no way exist on G1 Spherus Magna.

Exhibit A: Makuta and Ekimu

Ekimu could possibly be from the G1 universe, but it would bring multiple things into question. Firstly, how can he be a mask maker? He can't be from the Matoran Universe because we know he comes from a biological reproduction due to him having a brother and the evidence of it elsewhere on Okoto (the masks are passed down from generation to generation). So he can't have learned mask making from the Matoran. He can't be an Agori either, because they don't wear masks and would therefore have no need for the craft. Therefore, Ekimu is an entirely different sort of being from anything we've seen in Bionicle cannon, even on Spherus Magna.

The Makuta were all created by Mata-Nui inside the Mata-Nui Robot. After Makuta Teridax's take-over, all the remaining Makuta were killed, minus a few that were used to make Kraata. Perhaps one escaped after the death of Teridax onto Okoto, but this is unlikely as he wouldn't have learned mask making nor have a close relationship with Ekimu, which we've already established a biological.

Exhibit B: The Mask of Creation

The mask of Creation is a special mask that is worn by Arthaka. Without him wearing it, all power to create would be gone. Ekimu being in possession of this mask negates Okoto's possible existence on G1 Spherus Magna. Surely Arthaka, an extremelt powerful being, would come looking for it if it had been stolen? If that's not the case, perhaps Ekimu made a mask and called it the Mask of Creation? Unlikely, considering it has immense power and it would have been called by any other name if it didn't possess the powers of Creation.

Other things:

As a side note, the Toa could be seen as being teleported by the Protectors to Okoto, thus being the same Toa and Okoto being on Spherus Magna. I find it's just as easy to say that Okoto exists in its own universe and has its own Toa.

This would explain their drastic armor changes and personality changes, as a Mask of Time wouldn't transport them and change them. These are the same beings, "timeless heroes" that every Bionicle universe has, but not the exact same G1 Toa.

Plus, nothing we've seen indicates that Okotians have any knowledge of the outside world, and considering how long Spherus Magna has been in existence, even before the Great Being's arrival, they surely would have explored outside Okoto and made contact with Agori and Glatorian. Or perhaps seen the giant robot being built and taking off.

Plus there's the obvious space geography issues.

No matter how you look at it, it just isn't possible.

You change something in the past, and the future changes drastically. Thats how G2 happened. Meddling with something in the passed made an entirely new timeline but both are still canon since they are happening in tangent to one another, like the Zelda timeline.

What If okoto is a simulation that the toa mata have to go through go test their strength and to learn unity for G1

I hope its not, I dont want another Force Awakens so soon, rehashing elements of the old too much than its suppose to. Rather they need to emphasis more on the Mask of Time and how it effects both Universes through spacetime.