What if there was no Prequel Trilogy/No Clone Wars?

AKA the scenario where there's no prequel trilogy and the clone wars had never happened, all the old EU stuff would still be here, but basically no clone wars or prequel era material


for one, that era would be a lot more mysterious


Well I mean the gap between the years before and the original trilogy would be more mysterious, but basically the scenario is that the ideas in the Prequels are non-existant

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Well, in that case, George Lucas would still be every fan's hero.


i'd atleast be glad that the gungans and some of the other bad ideas would not exist. Though if I knew what the prequel trilogy would be I would've missed the clones and some of the story material


So... you mean they literally never happened?

Well then the original trilogy never happened. In story that is.

If George never made the movies well...

Yeah kinda.

So all the EU stuff that wasn't clone wars... alright.

Most of the EU is kinda silly anyway so not much of a loss.

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World peace.


Star Wars would have declined in popularity.
A lot.
Without movies or mainstream media like Clone Wars there would not have been as massive an insurgence in EU material. Everything would get clouded in a chain of meh post Jedi content. There would be no breath of fresh air to revitalize the franchise. An entire generation would regard Star Wars as a really old trilogy that they know a little about but never get into it. I myself got hooked on Star Wars through Attack of the Clones. A comic of the adventures of Luke's great grandson would never do that.

We likely would not get a sequel trilogy soon and instead would likely be getting a remake that would likely enrage fanboys even more than the prequels ever could.

People really devalue the prequels because they do not meet every little expectation due to nostalgia goggles. The Original Trilogy are the better films by far, but the prequels world building and the Clone Wars expansion of that world makes star wars a stronger universe.


If there were no Prequels, Star Wars wouldn't be as great as it is. Sure, they have faults, but they introduced us to a whole new side of the Star Wars universe, and helped us understand the mythology and deeper meanings of events in the OT. And we also wouldn't have Clone Troopers--what would I do then?!?!

Also, I'm not sure why people hate on the PT so much. ROTS is one of my favorite movies in the series, and I really enjoy AOTC (although, that can be attributed to nostalgia and the clones!!

Now, if TPM never existed? We would have pretty much the exact same story, less Jar Jar, and millions of happier people. wink


Yep. Exactly.


It was stuff we wanted to know about sure but was it worth it?

Midichlorians: wow so scientific and magical...
The galactic republic: politics... yeah this is totally what I wanted.
Anakin Skywalker: A child murdering moron... just what I needed.

Because they're bad...?

Have you not been on the internet for the past 10 years?

(Say what you want about episode 3 its still bad.)

Its all nostalgia.

I heavily agree on this. A lot of the stuff I like about Star Wars is how plausible it seems, and the Prequels helped me understand how big the Star Wars galaxy was. In the original trilogy, the Galaxy seems smaller because we don't see much big architecture and cities. All we see are small towns or bases. The culture is there, of course, but I feel the Prequels expanded this nicely.

The prequels also explained a lot more on how the Jedi work and function, as well as the Sith, something we don't get into much in the Original Trilogy. We learn that the Jedi are a huge group of peace-keeping warriors who use the force, but were mostly killed off in Order 66. We learn that the Sith limit themselves to master and apprentice, and when Sidious showed Dooku the more powerful parts of the Dark Side (especially in some of the last episodes of the Clone Wars), I felt it really showed why the Dark Side was truly evil.

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I do think that a lot of what was shown in the prequels are also shown, and in a much better way, in the EU.
I just wish that the prequels were handled much better. If they were to go away though, it would retain a bit of mystery. Overall, we'd miss out on a lot of world building, and great characters such as the entire Clone Army.

But screw Anakin and his emo ways.


clone wars anakin is cool though :+1:

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Have to agree. And he was quite creepy in Attack of the Clones.

He was awesome in The Clone Wars, though.

Hmm, I actually liked that aspect of him in the PT.....The acting needed to be better, but I liked the concept. :l

I think that was the big flaw of the PT: good ideas, but bad execution.

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sorry my lady

Stares at Padme creepily


That's basically it.

Oh, and this too:


Sand is his trigger.


I would be a very sad person. I love the prequels. even more than the original, to be honest. "oh wahh, jar jar ruined them!" just get over it. he's not terrible and plus the clones were quite badass and more than made up for him... but one thing that confused me was the fact that the original trilogy was numbered 4,5, and 6, while they came out way before the prequels, and then they were called 1,2 and 3. can someone explain this to me..

Episode 4: A New Hope was actually originally released as simply "Star Wars". However, George Lucas intended to make prequels to the original trilogy almost since their inception. He had ANH, ESB and ROTJ labelled Episodes 4, 5 and 6 as soon as he could in preparation for the films he knew he was going to (eventually) make.

Source: http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/2014/06/18/movie-legends-revealed-when-did-the-first-star-wars-become-episode-iv/ (and my own Star Wars-infused brain)