What If YOU Were In Charge Of G2?

I would trim the Toa Okoto down (they are WAAAY too buff and bulky for my liking), and as a result, lower the prices.

I would bring back more G1 molds

Reformat the current website similar to the old website (the current one is a hot mess IMO)

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And by less emphasis on the Toa, you mean less emphasis on Tahu. :wink:


I find it funny that now since people are used to skull scropio they like him XD

Honestly, I wouldn't change much. LEGO is a really smart company, thinking about it, they know old fans will buy anything, and TTV podcast is basically free advertising for them. Though I'd definitely have more rivalry between the Toa in the series, kinda like in the comics, where they paired up with each other, before realising they needed to be a team.


I would make it a continuation.

They could've easily made the whole story of G2 take place in Spherus Magna without confusing the new fans but NO!!!

They decided to make it take place in Okoto!
Making a continuation is not complicated AT ALL.
This would be the plot for the continuation:

On the planet of Spherus Magna, evil Skull Spiders have plagued the world. Only 6 heroes can save the planet and it's inhabitants before it's too late!

(LEGO, was it that hard? :P)


I'd just have a general rule concerning how much we could copy G1.


But then they wouldn't know what the hell a Spherus Magna is, and what came before it and why everything is the way it is. So yes, it would confuse the new fans.


I disagree. In my opinion, character building is more important than world building. Both are good, but if you focus too much on world building, it's not going to be a story. But a high quality TV show would be good. But for the love of Mata Nui, don't make it be 3D computer animated like hero factory or the bionicle movies. I've never liked how it looks and it'll look dated within a few years unless it's pixar level, which it won't be.

And there's also a massive dead robot laying over there with a hole in it's head. Don't worry about the history of that thing. Also don't worry that Agori look almost exactly like Matoran and Toa look like Glatorian. And us older fans would point out all kind of inconsistencies that would undoubtably appear. I think we should instead have characters from G1 (Vezon) show up in G2.

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With g1 it was a world with toa in it, in g2 it's just toa.

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I would, y'know, retcon the "Skull" phase, and just release OKOG/OOG.

You know what we need? We need (along with showing the toa go through more landmarks) a Middle Earth like map.

Probably a bit simpler though...


Well you see

If I was on charge of G2
There would never have been a G2

It would just be G1 with CCBS.

A direct continuation.

Exactly. Look how good the G1 characters look in the new animation style!

More here


Making G2 a continuation would never have worked. There's simply too much that they'd have to explain to newcomers. The GSR, the Red Star, why the Nuva are more powerful than the other Toa, why Tahu's not a Nuva.

This is forgetting just how unbalanced every fight would be. You have dozens of Toa, and not many villains left. And there's no way to fix that.


That looks great! I would have liked the movies way more if they looked like that!

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I would at least tell people what g2 is in relation to g1... Like another time, another universe, you know.... Oh whatever. It doesn't matter. Maybe Lego will tell us someday anyways.

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Cal we've butted heads before on topics but I wholly agree with you here. A continuation would have be the worst way to go as the two different systems would have clashed and made the new line a different tone then Lego wanted to go with.
A continuation would have missed the target audience that Lego strived for.


Or just don't cancel HF to begin with...


Make the series more complicated, have a game similar to MNOG, have some 3DS game or something among those lines, and better competitions. The Hunt for the Masks competition was terrible, and many can agree with me there...