What if...?

Meh. I just hope it’s 2d.

What if it’s and extremely nice concept, and the execution that they promised us so far is extremely intriguing. I must admit that yes, I am looking forward for it, but I can’t say I really wanted it in the first place, not as Loki anyway.
I am extremely curious to see what scenarios they will use. What if Hulk was grey? What if Tony made a steampunk suit? What if Thor was faithful to the original comics? What if Steve and Tony switched places? What if Captain Marvel was a good movie?
Anyway, what do you guys think?

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Technically that’s what Endgame Hulk (or Bulk as I like to call him. Bannar + Hulk) is.

Better idea. What if Thor was like he was in actual Norse mythology? That would be awesome.

And you’re sure you’re not obsessed?


I’d pay to see Uncle loki

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Technically Odin and Loki are only blood brothers if I remember right.

Though I’d love to see Loki with all his children. Eight legged horse, massive world serpent, giant doom wolf, and guardian of the underworld. That could be interesting.

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Uhm… He is clearly green.

Yes, I am sure, cause that was a joke and doesn’t change any of the arguments I’ve brought in the past

Although that would be awesome to see, I don’t think that they will give Loi a huge snake as child. Or at least not in the real sense of the word.

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But reffered to as Grey Hulk. Plus Grey Hulk is technically it’s own character. That being Skaar.

I mean Jörmungandr is only one of the most important characters in Norse myth, but yeah sure I’m sure it’ll be fine if they’d leave him out.

Uhm… No. He’s Professor Hulk.

Either way it’s an abomination.

Well Holi told me it was Grey Hulk.

Or you know who’d I’d love to see? Red Hulk. Played by either Clancy Brown or JK Simmons.

He is already busy with JJJ.

Grey Hulk isn’t the same thing. And he’s almost a villain, I’m pretty sure.

Technically is already in the MCU.

(SPOILERS FOR RECENT MCU MOVIES) Watch FFH first, then we can talk about your fancasting


I don’t get it.

Good. There’s at least one innocent soul left in this world.

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