What Is A Self-MOC To You?

Many of us have self-MOCs, but what do they represent? It's different for many people, does your self-MOC represent the best qualities about yourself, or your flaws? Is it like you at all? Is your self-MOC you, or a character you identify with? There are many ways to characterize our self-MOCs, but I guess the real question I'm getting at, is "what is a self-MOC to you?"


The Self MOC.... represents the person and what they want, or deserve. it could also represent what they aren't, or what they want to look like and strive for. It can represent many things..


What is a Self-MOC to me?
A MOC that sits in a drawer, half done, broken and subpar...

Yeah... my Self-MOC isn't in the best condition currently...
due to lack of parts mainly.


The self-MOC to me represents myself pretty closely, just under different circumstances. Somat has my strengths, as well as my greatest weaknesses. Perhaps he's a little bit of an exaggeration on some points, but for the most part his character is true to mine.

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To me...it represents...well...me.


But seriously, I like to think Ekorak and Entropy are pretty close to accurate. They're what I've been, what I am, what I will be, and what I want to be.


A self moc is a moc that for me represents me if I were in the bionicle universe or want I would want to look like vicroens character is that of most exactly mine.

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So, as a light side discussion, do you guys feel like putting yourself into a self-MOC helps you develop it? Or is it just like you because it's called a self-MOC and that's the expectation?

I just made my selfMOC a blacksmith because I like making bonkle weapons..

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I've been over this in similar topics, but I still think it's a worthy thing to retype here.

Lately, I haven't made or used "self mocs" per say, as(to me) self mocs are like inserting yourself into the Bionicle universe. My "self mocs" have always done or acted pretty much how I would in any given situation.

Now I've refrained from doing this since the reboot because it really doesn't make a lot of sense. I am the culmination of my experiences, and someone in another reality(even if they share my personality traits) would have different experiences and a different outlook on life. They simply would not act exactly like me because they are burdened by different things than I am.

That said, I do still have a tendency of putting part of myself into my main characters. In my mind, that's a much more realistic way of placing myself in world than just plopping myself down in the form of a self moc.


Yeah, that's why my self-MOC shares my characteristics, but isn't me. He's far more formal, because his life isn't, and never will be, anything like mine. I've heard some writers say every character they make has a bit of themselves in them, because it lets them create a more real character.

a gear with a 3 length axle through it

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I have no idea. I built mine because everybody else does it.


A character that relates closely to me and also would be one of my favorite characters, big surprise.



Well, he's not a toa, so he's allowed to be tall. Besides, he's not TWICE as tall as a normal MOC, just 70% taller.

I know, and honestly that explanation kinda passes, but personal preference says that super large self mocs aren't really good in representing your character. They more or less represent "YO I'M BIG SO I AM IMPORTANT"

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It's actually a plot point in his case. His size makes people see him as being overbearing and brutish, when he's actually more of the humble, formal paladin. He has to work extra hard to change people's pre-conceived notions of him due to his size.

Well that is a fine explanation, making a character big for the sake of social interaction, but I won't dwell on large self mocs because that is a touchy subject.

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Well, it's also because the only way I was gonna get those proportions was by making him big, and I like his proportions.

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For me my self MOC is what I want to be! Brave and cunning. They. Kinda allow you to make a character like you would in D&D or a Videogame but you actually have it in physical form! 😃 Also you guys can't say I am not serious cause that was some serious stuff! Like you could quote that! Well I am still a but creepy and cling to fictional characters and ladies on the board but hey! I am making progress! 😜

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Confidence in yourself may take a little bit, but it'll happen. Took me 'til I was 16.

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