What is bigger?

What is bigger? Mata Nui, Metru Nui or Voya Nui?

i think that it is just in that order from biggest to smallest

Well, which is bigger – your face, your brain, or a small portion of your heart?


Voya Nui was part of the Southern continent, which doesn’t seem to be just the heart, more or less the torso as a whole.

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Wasn’t Voya Nui part of the heart that broke off and floated up? That’s why the Mahri had to break the part holding it up so it’d fill the gap in the heart.

Karda Nui was the heart itself, it was below the Voya Nui.

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Yeah, but wasn’t Voya Nui part of the shell the broke which is why it was flooded in 08?

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Well yes. But if you look at the map, Voya Nui isn’t a part of the heart, more like the roof of the heart is part of Voya Nui.

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Voya Nui is more the ribcage.

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I always thought that it is a part of the stomach.

No, it’s part or the heart. When Mata Nui fell asleep Voya Nui broke off of the shell of Karda Nui and floated upwards, becoming an island and flooding Karda Nui so it became the swamp we saw in 08


It’s like losing the outer membrane of the heart.


But only a part of Voya Nui was part of the membrane, not the entirety of Voya Nui. More than half of Voya Nui would not been part of Karda Nui’s roof.

I guess it’s sort of the ribbcage, but the question would be, does the MU follow human anatomy to 100%? Because Xia, Zakaz or Stelt would be closer to where the hear would be on a human.

I believe Karda Nui was more or less refered to the core of the universe, not the heart of the universe. It makes more sense for Xia to be the heart since it’s a place with lots of trading going on.

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No. Part of Voya Nui wasn’t the heart. Part of the heart was Voya Nui. The entire point of the Toa Mahri destroying the pillar holding Voya Nui up was to seal up the hole in the heart. And it probably doesn’t follow human anatomy.

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Voya Nui is much larger than Karda Nui though.

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