What is Roodaka's Eye Colour

At one point in the Web of Shadows movie, Roodaka’s eye color goes from blue to red/orange, when she momentarily looses her temper with a Visorak. Trying to reconcile the set and movie depictions of her, does that mean that the set (which had red/orange eyes) was depicting Roodaka in a moment of rage, and that she normally has blue eyes?

If so, would anger be the only trigger for this, or would emotions like fear also cause the change?


Maybe her eyes are a mood ring.


You could interpret it this way. That’s obviously what the filmmakers seemed to intend with the effect. I’m not sure it would change with other emotions, though.

One detail that I always found interesting was that, when Roodaka’s eyes change from anger, they turn from blue to the normal red-yellow of the other characters:

Whereas, when she’s charged with Makuta’s power, her eyes are bright red with white, like the evil characters:

I always thought that the BIONICLE films were interesting in their use of eye color for good and evil. Normally we would associate a color like green with health and goodness and red with evil, but BIONICLE flipped that around in some cases, with green representing corruption, as with Tahu and Vakama.


There are cases in Bionicle canon of eyes changing colour due to emotions. When the Kraawa is agitated, it’s eyes go from blue to red. Maybe Roodaka is the Kraawa in disguise?