What is the exact purpose of fusion?

I realized recently that fusion and combination is a rather common occurrence in the Matoran Universe. Not only with the toa kaita, but even with the Matoran. In Trial By Fire, the six matoran simply needed to concentrate on their unity to form a Matoran Nui.

So clearly fusion is something the Great Beings thought necessary to incorporate it into the majority of the MU population. My question is what exact purpose or purposes they had in mind when doing this?


Fused beings have more power than individuals do. So for situations where that power level is needed, there is a benefit to the ability to merge.


So the function was implemented not so much for any specific purpose, but more so for general practicality. Interesting.

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What about unwillig fusions, such as outcome of Spear of Fusion or Protodermis exposre (vide Golden Being). Is there an algorythm to the SoF and destiny factor to protodermis? As exposure of some characters who are not w̶o̶r̶t̶h̶y̶ destined would kill them.