What is The Rarest Piece of Bionicle Merchandise you own?

What is the rarest/most expensive piece of Bionicle merchandise?
Mine would have to be my sealed Pohatu Nuva, what is yours?


pearl gold mask of life, every "set" I have is open and in use.

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I suppose my silver Kaukau Nuva is the most expensive mask I own.


Well, all of my sets are opened... But I do have a mint in Bag Kikanalo. Basically his main torso bag.
Got it from a random parts lot.
I also have an orange Vahi, two Discs of Time, two gold Vahi.
Six gold Kaukau, 3 gold Kakama, 2 gold Miru.
One gold Kraakhan, 2 movie Kraakhan.
And there is more


I have a Golden Pakari, and The Miru Nuva from Axalara T9

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I guess my Kopaka from 01 is worth quite a few bucks nowadays. In terms of masks, I have a gold and silver Kakama and a gold Kraakhan.


One golden Vahi.

As do I. In fact, I have 2 silver kakamas.


make a Nyran MOC


Nah. I'd rather use them on Fatorak XL and Fatorak Supreme

I guess it would probably be my complete set of Toa Mata.

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The Bionicle The Quest board game,a and shirt off of redbubble, but that's fanmade.


I guess I also have Toa Iruini

An orange vahi,
Chrome Krana-kal,
a gold miru, kaukau, and akaku
silver hau
some interesting kauaus
lazer vision kraata
Kanohi mask case

an army of Tohuga.

still looking for a gold Kraakhan though.

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The Kakama Nuva from the Rocktoh.

Infected hau Nuva
6 months ago I missed out on the chance to have a Crome hau and clear MOL along with Lewa mata and the takanuva 03 set:(

Probably my (trans)black Kaukau,i guess.


I got
metru hau
metru gold kraahkan
that is about it

Unless you consider the kualsi and pehkui to be rare.

I have a Disk of Time.

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In rarity? I suppose my iridescent gold-glitter avohkii,
I have iruini's mask,
A keet-orange bohrok shell,
and maybe some of the Krana I have are rare.

I don't think I really have many rare items.

I have all 6 bohrok, and I got them for quite a steal-£32 in total!