What is the state of the robots?

It’s been made pretty clear that after the final battle, the Great Spirit Robot was deconstructed and evacuated. Is the same true of the Prototype? In it’s last scene, I think it was still standing, is it known if it gets brought down?


I believe it collapsed due to it’s instability. Couldn’t handle the power that it was using. That’s why Mata Nui was in the Ignika at the end, his consciousness snapped back to the mask after the robot broke apart


Yes, in one piece of art (I’m not sure if it’s official or not) the Prototype Robot explodes after reassembling Spherus Magna, leaving nothing behind but the Ignika.


The Prototype Robot was more-or-less completely disintegrated. From Journey’s End:

“Wait,” Ackar said, a new note of urgency in his voice. “Look at Mata Nui! He’s … he’s collapsing!”

It was far worse than that. The overwhelming strain had taxed Mata Nui’s robot body past its limit. The metal that made it up was disintegrating rapidly, along with its interior mechanisms. Even from a distance, the two Glatorian could see the destruction spreading rapidly.

Before they got too close to the site of his fall, they had to rein the sand stalkers to a halt. The air was filled with metal dust – along with a few larger pieces of the body scattered here and there, this was all that remained of the giant robot.


Porbably is in pieces and being used by the onu matoran.


Yep, that’s right. I will just add that those “few larger pieces” were indeed either dismantled for materials or used as shelters.

Q: Does the Prototype Robot have a prototype MU inside it?
A: The robot has been dismantled, so there is no MU.

Q: Now that the Great Spirit and Prototype robots are destroyed, what will happen to the wreckage?
A: It will be used to build shelters.

Did you mean this one from the comic?

I wouldn’t really call that explode, but it seems to be in line with the book description.


It was the one used for Mata Nui’s activation of that robot on BioSector1.

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