What is the weight of a matoran?

I dont think this has been ever asked, but how much a matoran species member would weight? this includes also toa and turaga.


Well, I believe Matoran are supposed to be around 4 feet tall, so it should be possible to estimate their mass. Unfortunately, we don’t know what protodermis weighs, so I don’t think there’s really a good way to estimate their weight.


Well, since matoran are made out of metallic protodermis I always estimated them to be around 80Kg, the toa around 150Kg and a turaga around 95Kg


Those look about right in proportion to each other, but for all we know metallic protodermis could be as light as aluminum, or as heavy as lead. But I suppose yours is a reasonable “ballpark” estimate in the absence of more info.


I might also mention that they aren’t all metal; there’s biomass and (potentially)fluids too. Additionally, those dimensions are presumably for metru matoran seeing as they are the default size. Many other Matoran would not share their dimensions.

Simply put, there’s no telling.


How 'bout we ask Greg! /s

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I’m doing it.

It’s also worth bringing up that the figure would vary from individual to individual, so any real estimate is probably going to be just an average.

What is the weight of a Matoran? Not enough to break the ice.


We dont know how thick is the ice in mata nui, nor the matoran universe

It was a bad attempt at a conversation starter joke because I have no clue


Well I thought it was funny…

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Greg didn’t have an answer.

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Matoran’s weight? Which ones? The mcdonald’s midget men from 2001 or the Toa sized Matoran from the Melding Universe?

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