What Is Your Evil Plan to Infiltrate TTV

Astral project and possess Eljay. Tell everyone to suggest me as a new cast member.

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Kidnap and impersonate @Black_Panvar
Then have the Mod Squad act as the brutal enforcers of the Boards.
I then trick the board members into entering Matoran Spheres, which would erase their memories, awaken them, and pretend to be their saviour, and become their 'Great Spirit'.

Also, I would need the Mask of Time.

One day :smile:


May I ask whom you are talking about?

Oh, did I not post it as a reply?
Well I was replying to AdumusTheFirst.
Sorry about that!

I switch All TTV Podcast members' Genders.

Make On Air.
Then they have no choice but to let me in, for they must do the voices.
Or replace one of them.

Yeah I'm late, but that's part of the plan.

Step 1: Necropost a topic about evil plots to infiltrate TTV in order to incite resistance.

Step 2: look up a YouTube tutorial on how to start a new regime. Take over New Zealand via blackmailing the government with exclusive secrets found in the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Step 3: use influence to encourage a world science fair in New Zealand, inviting all the worlds greatest minds.

Step 4: build secret underground bunker. Kidnap all the attendees of the Science Fair. Transport victims to bunker and force them to build a teleportation device.

Step 5: Teleport into a high security location in the U.S. Hold the employees hostage and make demands so large that the attention of the entire government is averted to my position. Have a close friend continue my bidding there.

Step 6: While the government is distracted, teleport back to New Zealand. Force the scientists to hack into the internet with the attention of the whole world fixed on the crisis in the U.S.

Step 7: seize control of the internet.

Step 8: while in power, change my TTV message boards account to staff.

Step 9: relinquish power over the internet and send scientists home. Go completely AWOL and leave no trace of my existence as puppet master of New Zealand.

Step 10: Allow meme topics.

That's the evil plan.


The details are confidential, but they include a lot of time travel, lots of money, multiple copies of myself, and buying Lego.

@Spiderus_Prime Oh dear, that's not a thought to dwell on.

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Looking up regime tutorial now. Step 2 is in progress

Well, New Zealand is a Socialist Government, so you could accually infiltrate them either enough money.

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Make this order
@Eljay will instantly quit and replace himself with me as he shall learn of my greatness


an empty order?

idk if Bricklink allows you to share your cart publicly, you could try screencapping, I can only assume it’s a thousand blue pins

Never mind, it was a joke as the seller has a stupid amount of blue pins and red axles (over 100 thousands)

Bold of you to assume that I’m not an alt account for [Insert Name of TTV cast member because I don’t know the names of the people because I don’t watch the podcasts]

Hmmmm … exactly what a secret TTV alt account would say to convince us they aren’t really cast.

I’ll tell them that I have legit Bionicle G3 leaks.

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Clever but G4 leaks are a better cunning plan!

I’d ask them if I can guest star and then accidentally become a permanent guest star. It’s worked once before.


Kill them all