What Is Your Evil Plan to Infiltrate TTV

Well that went from zero to a hundred

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I don’t know how to do anything else successfully

Nope your not kill them.

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I’d bug them until they let me join. I’m quite stubborn.

Killing them is better fam

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I’ll create the most impassable listing on Ebay where I offer every Bionicle set ever made for 1$ and free shipping. Then Private Message one of the TTV Cast Members and confidence him to buy it. After he pays, he will need to give me his address so I can ship them to him. After I get the address I will go with a gun at the given address and force him to add me to the TTV Cast.


What if someone else (also known as me) buys it? And I think most of the cast already have most of them

But all of them for only 1$ and free shipping is such an amazing deal that they wouldn’t be able to pass it even if they had all of them…

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But I would buy it first!

What’s with these and threatening the cast? is this why they aren’t that active here?


Step 1: put viruses on all of eljays devices that keep showing images of his snake fursona. That way he will be too angry to use any of them ever again.

Step 2: impersonate eljay by just beeing cynical all of the time

Step 3: ???

Step 4: anschluss


Step 1) Steal an Infinity Gauntlet
Step 2) use it to turn Eljay’s miru into the snek fursona
Step 3) ???
Step 4) profit

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  1. Go to BrickFair Virginia.
  2. Bring Lewa Master.
  3. Bring some fancy markers n’ stuff.
  4. Get this picture taken.

    (will remove if there’s a problem)
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