What is your exotic BIONICLE?

quite exotic

I got Vastus while on vacation on the other side of the country. Not an exotic set, but an exotic locale. I’ve always liked that about my copy.

Also I didn’t know about the non-Irnakk Piraka combiner, that thing looks neat.

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Thank you for your welcome!
I don’t have Klakk, but it is funny-unique product I guess.
Also I think, its appearance is fabulous :blush:

@Pakari I agree with your opinion. the red one is umm… okay,
but the blue one is just a bootleg of Irnakk. I really can ‘NOT’ understand, why Lego Korea didn’t import the golden-Thok spine.

@Kraata Tahtorak dragon is very cool~!
their main color is good for our eyes too… :joy:

Also… back to your last sentence, I’ll keep that in mind!

@MooCowsRock They are good enough to me, but products are a bit of bummer. especially the blue one…


Nocturn. I love him. He’s unique with a silhouette you don’t see anywhere else and have not seen anywhere in G1. I always like to put him up to a light and watch him glow at night. Such an awesome and exotic Bionicle character and set.


enough said


My most exotic bionicle set is my Toa Norik from Slovakia.

This isn’t the cursed topic.

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Most exotic would be the European magazine promo sets from G2 (with the magazines!). Subscribed when they were announced, still bitter I paid $30 for two issues of recycled comics.