What is your Mocing story?

So for every Mocer there's a history. How they started, how they got so good (Or ok in my case) and all the "Phases" in between. So post you're stories below!
Here's mine...
When I was really little I like Thomas the tank engine. Although I can't remember much of it I'm pretty sure my favorite thing about it was building the tracks. Either around the same time (Or later) I got a bunch of Duplo and played with that (I believe I have terrible memory)
Around the age of idk maybe 5 I got really interested in transformers. Buying tons of figures. So when I went to Jk and there was a bin of Lego (I believe I had my own Lego too again I can't remember) I made robots similar to transformers. That was the beginning of my system Mocing but I'll take a brake and talk about Bionicle. So I was six and got my first Bionicle. (Not going to say which to keep my age confidential) I lllooooovvvveedd them and bot many more. I (Again) can't remember if I started "Mocing" later once i was older or if i started building things straight away. (I believe it's the second) Ok now back to system.
A couple years later I found two amazing Mocers Ixrolloutix and Bwtmt. They made awesome Lego transformers. I began to "study" their work. Making my own transformers. Now around the same time as me finding Bionicle I got really interested in Starwars.
So at the time I mainly made space ships and some times transformers and occasionally took a brake from system and made a Toa or two . But after awhile I sort of just stopped building with Bionicle and also stopped building spaceships. All I built wad Transformers. I like to think I've at least come close to being as good as My idols (I had picked more up along the way sucg as Starscreamer20) But something started a spark in me. I had to make some more Bionicle.Suddenly all I was making was Bionicle and occasionally a Transformer. I stopped using Inika builds and started studying custom bodies. That brings you to about a couple months ago when I joined the boards. Now I make Transformers and Bionicles equally as much.(But not equally as good because I believe i make better Transformers then Bionicles) So yeah.


Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, lived a child named pot8o

he wanted to make cool bases out of lego bricks

and so he did

A long time ago....or 5 years to be exact

He discovered people online who made cool bionicle mocs

and to this day, he mocs


Years ago in a distant land called Murica

A young asian kid wanted to recreate starwars with bionicle and/or create his own characters

Gathering all the parts and pieces, his mocing potential unfolded, and after seeing the internet, his ability skyrocketed!

and after several trial years, that asian kid is the one you see who's posted this...


In the time before time.

This kid got buckets of bricks.

And built stuff out of them.

He doesn't remember exactly how those things were built.

The end.


One day Darge Foxtopus D sat down and saw a post on facebook regarding the revival of a line known as bionicle.
Darge Foxtopus D went to the storage room and grabbed a large box, the box of memories, within lay the bodies of old heroes and villain alike torn to bits.
Darge Foxtoous D decided at that moment to begin his journey once again and began constructing his first hero and villain.
He once again found joy in something that had been lost to him for years however he grew sad as he had no place to share his creations, for a moment the young Foxtopus was lost but then he had heard of a place newly founded where individuals of similar origins could share anything about these biomechanical beings.
Darge set off to the site known as board.ttvpodcast.com to begin his quest as a creator of unique characters and creatures.
The end

Basically I heard bonkles were back so I got my old bonkles and found ttv who had started the boards


There once was a little boy.
He was so bored, his sets died and became like Sid's creations in Toy Story.
The end.


Now, this is a story all about how
I got to be the MOCist I am right now
And I'd like to take a minute
My words? Don't ignore 'em
I'll tell you how I became the prince of the TTV forum

In northeast America born and raised
In my room with lotsa' Lego I spent most of my days
Chillin' out buildin' and MOCin' all cool
And talkin' to my bonkle-fan friends in the school
When a couple of problems that caused me to rage
Started making trouble on my MOCpage
I decided to leave and my friends did agree
They said 'You're movin' to flickr and BZP'

I tried to talk to Sean K day after day
But he left the site alone, now it's useless, I say
So I moved to flickr where photography would be the ticket
I put my MOCing skills on and said, 'I might as well kick it'

flickr's fast, loading times not bad
Don't miss MOCpages, doesn't make me sad.
Is this what the people off of MP live like?
Hmmmmm this might be alright.



The prince of flick-air


Once upon a time, there lived a five-year-old in the land of 'Murica. His grandparents had bought him a bin of Lego bricks. First he built with the instructions, but then he began building his own creations, spaceships, spaceships, and aliens. Things went uphill from there. AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

I got them

I built them

I liked them

I searched them

I found them

I made them


Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.... Wait, that's not right...


Well I was making my own creations when I got my first Lego brick-bucket and all my sets after.

then I got a bunch of HF sets and made MOCs/Revamps/ of my sets and then I found MOCpages and Eurobricks.
well I am too young to join Eurobricks and I did not have a MOCpages account at the time so I would look at Callan and Cossy's stuff (well mostly) so I would just look at their MOCs and think "Man I wish I could make stuff like that" and I found that I could not and I would get depressed and try to MOC like them...I failed..so after some time I would get a MOCpages account and I commented on stuff...then I started posting LDD stuff...and then @Hawkflight showed me how much he disliked my stuff....so I took his advice and the rest is history...

That is the short and simple....MOCing for me has been drama..

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My "MOC" story (if my creations are even worthy of the term MOC) is basically that I started with system building spaceships(Aka bricks with small bricks on the side), but I actually liked robots. I found Bionicle at a young age, made horribly mix matched and multicolored monstrosities, and to this day cant MOC worth crap. I'm better as an observer smile


Uh..dude..your SM is BEAST!

My what?

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Your SelfMOC?

Meh. He got scrapped a couple months ago.

FYI, he is not a reliable source of MOCing feedback. Don't beat yourself up over his hypocrisy


Hm....so who is then??