What is your Mocing story?

depends who you ask. Try looking around, or just in general advertise your mocs more, allow more people to critique.

I started with whatever this is:

Then slowly but surely worked my way into what I have today. Here's some evidence of progression:

Later 2008


early 2012

late 2012





after years of more piece experice, to this day i cant moc
(i had bionicle longer then some people here)

Had bionicle
or started mocing

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I can't even post after this it's too gud

im so bad at moccing

Having bionicle for longer has nothing to do with mocing.
Personally, I started collecting in 03
Well my brother has
I started with 04 or 05
But that is not the point of the topic

The reason you are bad is because you do not try hard enough, put effort.


uhh fine


It first started when i got the orange and black exo-force mech. i modifed him all the time and a few years later i tarted making my own mechs.[i wans't that good]. i started making actual constraction MOCs around the time HF came out. i already had quite a lot of bonkle parts,thanks to garage sales.

in my early MOCing years,i just built Biorockdude's and DawnofNSSD's characters,because me and my friend used to love them so much. my first character i created was 'kitty' a rahkshi-headed MOC. her first and second versions sucked bad. the third one wasn't that bad.

then i joined Deviantart. i then gave up all those MOcs and started building more my own stuff. then came my first self-MOC,toa Ben,which lasted pretty long. i started to get tired of the bionicle storyline,so i created my own post-apoc storie,but after some time i got tired of that one too,so i made another storie. then i got banned from DA becuase i was too young. i made myself another account,and ghosty eventually was built. i eventually joined flickr,then the TTV message boards.
then i'm here.



I started out in the summer of 2007, on a cross-country trip. I was reading Prisoners of the Pit, and I used parts I had with me to build what I thought Hydraxon would be (since I hadn't seen any set images). It was basically a modified Hakann with Pridak blades. Then I went this big Bioformers craze, and then tried building a vehicle inspired by the Axalara T9 (which I broke done after a few months). Then, come 2010, my brothers and I gave up on MOCing and got an obsession in rebuilding all our old sets. I gave MOCing another shot in 2011 with spare Bionicle parts and Hero Factory stuff, with mixed results, and this continued to today.

I inherited a smaller bin of parts from my older cousin around the time i got into bionicle (06), so built exclusively from those parts, cause i dont like taking apart my sets. i was six/seven or so, so the mocs sucked, and i also used primarily 01-03 parts. there was also this toy store a half hour away from me, where they sold bags of second-hand parts for like 20 bucks. i bought a couple of those, and built some characters i liked. however, eventually i was stuck in a state- where i didnt want to take apart my sets, or some mocs i liked, and was reduced to building with a small pile of parts. i would build a moc, then take it apart. this has been the case for the last six years or so, and my mocing talent has stagnated. now, i can afford doubles and new parts and sets! i have been getting better at moccing recently too which is cool

start of a new dawn for me i suppose



I know that feel, man. I keep my favourite, most nostalgic sets together, and take apart the rest for Moccing.

Me too, except most of my sockets, and technic connectors have snapped due to excessive usage :confounded:


Langly. U know it?

same. i dont have any piraka/inika thighs anymore


I wish I had your resolve. Unless I have duplicates (or incomplete models), I never break down my sets, which has severely limited what I have to work with.