What is your most powerful MOC character?

Thanks! Yeah, I did it about a year ago- once I get cs6 working for me, I could probably do one that’s a bit cleaner.


plz no

anyways, for me, it’d be a H.U.M.A.N.

which stands for something that I can’t remember off the top of my head

but basically, he created a pocket dimension around him in which he could control everything within, and he also controlled a tower that does the same thing but bigger.


That artwork is amazing, dude!

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My toa of carbon (I forget the name.) Is probably my most powerful, since carbon is like the building blocks of life.

Er…I did a revamp of krekka, he’s strong I think. I honestly don’t put thought into a moc’s powers/ablities

None of my HF characters really have ‘powers’, so its not like it’s a contest of who can dimensionally dropkick somebody. All in all, my most powerful dude is Probably Crimson. However outside of HF…definitely Vulcann.


I remember in your last story crimson being a hecking beast

A looooong time ago, not far away from my home, acctualy in my home, I built a BIG Lego snake, made of techinic, maybe it was not as cool as I remember now, but I think that could it be. I planned to remake him, now much better, and put him a name. I think he will be named…Pradikon

Yeah, he’s still a beast, arguably moreso.

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I have an old nameless great being oc. He was imprisoned by the other great beings for having powerful psychic abilities. Before being imprisoned, he had a vision of the creation of the matoran, and thought he was the being who would create them.
While in his chamber, he crafted false matoran that inherit no elemental abilities out of fragments of his mind. He soon discovered that his false matoran could escape his chamber, so he used them as eyes into the outside world. The discovery of real matoran enrages him, blaming the other great beings for “copying” his work.
My self-moc, Hautaka, is the last of his children. Hautaka is used as a tool to destroy the real matoran from the inside very slowly. He rebels, and with no memory of his creation, seeks the being who stalks his mind.

But that’s just an edgy au I made when I was 12. I still think it is a creative idea but again, it may be a tad edgy for my liking.


In a few MOCs or so you’ll all see a beast, a guardian, and a new character whom, in the ‘story’ is the one who eventually winds up killing Kardymis for good, so errrr… he’s gonna be the powerful one. Everyone’s just got to wait to see what he looks like :wink:

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Kardymis can die? :scream:

Yeah he ain’t immortal

I’ve got this large mechanical creature with way too many powers for her own good. She is the queen of a group called the Cult of the Great Beings, which is a large group individuals who replace parts of their body with GB tech. The higher in rank you are, the more alterations you get. As the queen, she has more changes than anyone, only her brain is left. She has four spider like legs and and two huge arms and two smaller arms when in ruling mode, and she can transfer her brain into a smaller but more powerful combat frame, that disposes with the spider legs and gives her powerful weapon arms, but she keeps the small two arms.

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