What is your native tongue?

Moldova and “Moldovan nationalism”, along with the language is generaly a soft spot, but yeah.
I mean, here’s a visual reference:

Moldovan is just a dialect. It barely has any different words, and even those are known and used by everybody else. They also have a quite funny accent, but that only because of their region (and Russia).
EDIT: You need to zoom in a little.


Okay. That helps.

I sometimes wish that English History could be demonstrated in a simple graphic like that one lol.

Yeah, it’s annoying how overly complex most history books tend to be.

And yeah, it’s basically what Vladin said. Moldovans tend to have a sense of national pride, although we basically speak the exact same language. The main difference would be the Russian accent and a few regional word variations. Other than that, we can understand each other perfectly fine.


That’s just a demographic map.


But anybody with knowledge on the Romance languages could use it to track the history of the language family.

I mean… Kind of? Of course history and the pre-Roman demographics afected the locations of the languages. I am actually passioned about tge history of the Romance. But this msp by itself doesn’t do much.

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I speak English, with a dialect and accent native to most of the northeast of the US, New Jersey and New York notwithstanding. Pennsylvania specifically, but we don’t really have our ‘own’ accent/dialect, I don’t believe.

That said, I know some Spanish due to school Man i wish our school offered a French course tho and a very very very small amount of French and Irish from my own off-time learning over half of which was from listening to music from both languages and learning the translations.


I would say English but I speak British

English, particularly south-eastern english, SC specifically. Unlike all a ya’ll Yankees :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My naive language is polish. Anyone from there?