What is your process for writing?

Dear Mr. Farshtey,
There are a lot of opinions out there that go into great detail of planning out the plot, characters, and setting of a story before you write a book, so I’d like to know how do you go about tackling such a task?

(Obviously there are restrictions because you have to use toys as your characters and such, but I’m assuming the process is still the same)

(I’m thinking about going into writing myself, so I’d appreciate any advice you have to say :slight_smile: )

Thank you in advance!


This is an easy one. I don’t plan beforehand. If I try to write from an outline, it comes out as garbage. My way of writing is to establish the characters – maybe I might have an opening scene in my head when I go in – get to know them through writing and then let them tell me the story. Otherwise, I am trying to force characters into a plot that may not work for who they turn out to be. Plus writing from an outline is dull – if I already know the whole story, I lose interest in writing it down. My way, if the characters get into a death trap, I am in the same suspense as the reader since I don’t know how they are going to get out either.