What is Your Social Security irl?

So with all these popular irl topics (What do you look like irl and what is your first name irl) I decided to get in on the fun. Here you just put down your full social security number, and if you're feeling really frisky, your full name and birth date! Have fun and knock yourselves out.


Hey, it got closed down. Now for an inspirational quote.

"You cannot achieve your dreams, if you do not first eat the sandwich."


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I dont even know it myself

We're getting into trend topic territory now.

Also, we're not gonna risk it. Closing this down.


joke topics aren't allowed outside of hsh

if this isn't a joke topic i will lose the last shred of humanity i have


Guys I was being sarcastic.

And what Slime and Eljay said. Sharing this info leads to indentity theft, and we don't need more trends either.