What Lantern Ring would you have?

Simple question, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I'd probably choose the green ring. I know, it's generic, but I like the concept :stuck_out_tongue:

You're absolutely right :stuck_out_tongue:



Because red is best color.

I don't care what it does.

It just makes me look spiffy.


It makes you vomit stuck_out_tongue


I think I'll take...Yellow...

What do they all mean? I'd probably be cyan.

I'll take the red ring please.

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Red Lantern. Acid blood barf? Being unkillable? A Valhalla-esc home world? Heck to the Yes. Not to mention I have quite the temper and was prone to getting into fights in primary.

Definitely the red ring.

Well, story wise I've worn the Black Ring...
I'd have to choose White ring, move along Kyle!


I would like all of them so I can become the Mandarin.

What? Wrong franchise? I don't care. I want to be the freaking Mandarin with Lantern powers.


as with most, either the red, green or black.

I love how everyone's saying Red.
I want a white ring.

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I would totally have blue.
Maaaaaaaaaaybe the purple/pink one that's all about love.

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Green. Always green

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I want to say Red...But I go with Orange.

Yellow. I will make my foes crumple on the sight of me.

I don't know... confused

I was a red lantern for Halloween one year...


For story relevance: Indigo
For color preference: Blue or Orange
For general reference: Green

So what? I'm indecisive. Come at me! XP

I'm surprised nobody put a chart of the emotional spectrum for reference.

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Orange all the way, man.