What name should the Toa of Light have?

Hey there! Some time ago a dude made a topic where he asked everyone if Voriki's name should be Voriki. Now I ask you:
If there will be a Toa of Light, What should his name be?
I think that Takanuva sounds cool, but I think I want a new one. What do you think?

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So simple...

never understood why he had a name change. it was just a plug to the toa nuva, when he's sorta in his own ballpark.

I think it was to make naming day seem more legit, and hes become someone new

he is an honorary to Nuva though



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considering the fact that Lego made the matoran language, they borrowed from moari language, maybe mix a few words from moari? I don'tknow, I sometimes do it.

It was to hide his identity so that the set name didn't spoil the movie.

If this were G2, the st would be called Master of Light or something, but g1 sets were always bionicle names.



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Takimu, Toa of Light, because g1 and g2, and 2 plus 1 equals 3 come on it's simple math guys. Takimu is his name from Takua and Ekimu.


I went on this Maori dictionary website, and light is tūrama.
So maybe something like that.

That's Voriki, if I recall. This is light, not lightning.

I'd just go with Takua and throw him into the team later a la Nya. IDK, Takua always works.

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The toa of light should be a new character, methinks. Tumara isn't so bad of an idea.

How about Dave


Avohkii would be a good name.

In my defence, they look similar.

Well, who says the Toa of light can't also be a girl? I say we call her Avohkii.

who said there was to be a Toa of Light?

I don't see why he has to be something other than Takua/Takanuva. However, if he has to have a name change, Turama would be my choice.


Mine too.

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"I think the name should be of the true 7th Toa back in G1, Don."

Okay jokes aside. Reusing names from the G1 canon besides Takanuva, how about Reysa or Balta?

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