What Rhotuka Power would you have?

I got the inspiration for this topic from similar questions: What mask would you wear, what element would you have, etc.
However, I thought this one would be fun because according to the lore, the powers of these Rhotuka are derived from that character’s morals, ethics and affinities. For example, Vakama became a Fire Hordika so therefore he got a fire spinner. Sidorak desires obedience above all else so he has his loyalty spinner. The Rahaga were dedicated to saving Rahi, so all their spinner powers are tied to capturing and rescuing those creatures. And I think we all know why Roodaka’s spinner power is the way it is (she still scares me)
So, given all this into consideration, what power would you most likely get if you were handed an artificial Rhotuka launcher? They can be powers that already exist in the story, or they could be completely new ones you think up, it’s up to you. :slight_smile:

I’ll start. I’d view Rhotuka as more of a defensive weapon rather than offensive, or as an everyday tool, so mine would probably have a pacify effect, making enemies lose the will to fight, or instantly calm a situation and let people talk out the problems.


Yeah I’ve got no idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooooh, neat question.

In story, I would honestly have The Shadowed One’s madness/insanity Rhotuka spinner especially since we never saw it in use in the official mythology.

As for myself in truth? I’d have to think about it. But I’d like a Rhotuka spinner that was originally what I thought Sentrakh’s was; his intangibility spinner. I initially thought it literally turned you into a ghost (like what became of Krika) until I discovered that it just makes things intangible. Still, something that can permanently make you a ghost is absolutely terrifying.


I puzzled over this for a moment, thinking of all the flashy cool powers, before I realized my true passion is not power, but knowledge. All my favorite character powers are the ones that they use to learn things, and I think my spinner would do something similar.

Personally, I imagine it would give me insight into a target’s powers. Like, if I used it on a Toa, I would know their elemental power and mask power. If I used it on a Skakdi, I’d know their element, vision powers and additional powers they may have like Avak’s cages.

Of course, then I need something else to actually use against them. Knowing what your enemy can do doesn’t help unless you can fight against it.


If that is what determines one rhotuka ability, then I suppose mine would cause those affected to be filled with a sense of peacefulness or make them lose any aggressiveness or desire to fight or cause discord. I say this because if I’m being honest, I’ve always been one to value order and stability in my life as a whole.


I dunno. If you ask me what kind of canon rhotuka power I want, it will be Roodaka’s simply cause I always like powers that related to mutation (either to oneself or other), you can do and create so many messed up and disturbing things with it and I’m all for messed up stuffs.

If you ask what kind of power I’ll get in irl, then idk. Logically, probably nothing since I’m an organic being and we all know that spherus magnan cant create rhotuka spinners.

My buzzkill rhotuka can dispel opponents by dampening their enthusiasm and making them feel the urge to leave


I’d like to think that my Rhotuka would have some kind of healing ability like Iruini’s, or maybe the power to temporarily nullify my target’s pain receptors.

I actually have a character who has a power similar to this. His Rhotuka tells him what abilities his target has. He uses it in battle by feeding that information into his specialized armor, which adapts to become resistant to all their powers. However, he can only adapt to one opponent at a time.

I actually love this idea. It could bring a peaceful (if temporary) resolution to almost any conflict.

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I’d want a sleep rhotuka so I could fire it at myself but I’d probably get something like a “British Slang” rhotuka


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