What Set Is This?

Nope. I used to think that piece came from my grandmother. My mother had some old sets at her mom’s house that we eventually got. It wouldn’t make sense though, if it was from 2003.

Y’all got Mantax right, but the 1st one is from another set

Here’s another image from the same set of instructions for the 1st one:

i remember that. it is from pridak

Got it, @Toatrex!

so may i ask?

what set is this?



Whatever it is, it 'aint Bionicle. Probably some technic set…

Compact excavator. That’s real obscure.


Kopaka or Kopaka Nuva. I’m going to say Kopaka Nuva because of the Takanuva/Makuta background.

Ooh, I didn’t think of that…

Takanuva, Toa of Light.


@Kiixaar got it!

Makuta Incarax

Try this one.

Edited due to post in between being deleted.

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Manas crabs

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Definitely an 01 rahi.

I’ll guess (probably wrong) mana.


Manas is singular and plural.

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that`s correct

It’s time for the ultra hard round.

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