What Set Is This?

Giant Model set, set number 8277

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You got it! Impressive, didn’t think anyone would get this.

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Skull Scorpio

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was hoping I’d be harder to reverse Google image search that.

If you hover over the pic, it reveals the set # in the url. But I kinda knew it anyway :grinning:



Round 2, go.

Hint: It’s not from a bucket


curse you.


Some of those are incredibly difficult.
Prize for guessing at least three of them: :cookie:

See my awesome jeans??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun!

The first one is some police vehicle, judging from the red and blue lights. The last one is friends or a similar “girls” set.

5th one is the recent Kai’s dragon polybag .

5973 Hyperspeed Pursuit
7313 Red Planet Protector
8202 Bungee Chopper
21123 The Iron Golem
30422 Kai’s Mini Dragon polybag
40139 Gingerbread House


You’re a master!
How did you know all of them?

Ok here’s an other group of photos.
Prize for guessing all three of them: :hotdog:

The next two ones are from the same set

This is pretty easy.

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That technic half-beam tho…never seen that before

The second one has to be some ninjago set, the last one is Trevi Fountain.

You’re right about the Trevi fountain, but the second (and third) image isn’t from a Ninjago set. Look carefully at the base plates!

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I am guessing the second one is from one of the winter village sets, but Im not sure which one

Congratulations!!! (it’s the newer one BTW). Here you have a hot dog, even though you only got one::hotdog:

Ive never seen that piece either.

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