What Set Is This?

From random bags at thrift stores. The built things might just be home made.

It looks to be Vican, from Mutran and Vican, released 2008. He also seems to have Gorast’s claws added on, as well as Kirop’s mask. He also lacks bat wings.


I’ve realized that the piraka chest belongs to Lesovikk, but not the technic beam.The 15x1 lime technic beam comes from Rockoh T3.

Hey, does anyone know what set this metru blue bohrok head cover came in?


it’s from the set 8758 Tower of Toa




Does anyone know in what set did this piece come out?

A Toa Metru shoulder pad in light gray.

They where never offically released in Light grey so its probably a counterfeit.

I don’t know… Looking close at it, it doesn’t look like a fake in any way…

Well, the Bricklink inventory states it has only been released in:

  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Red
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Flesh
  • White
  • Flat Dark Gold

The Bricklink inventory states that the piece only appears in 10 sets which out of these then I own 8 of them and I can for sure say that none of the sets has them in Light grey. As for the other 2 sets I don’t have they are supplementary canisters with an assortment of parts already made and shouldn’t include any special recolours of any piece.

So I will still say without a shadow of a doubt that this piece is fake.


Perhaps it’s a prototype? Compare it with official shades and see if the copyright markings are the same

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The official pieces have a number on them, and this one has not. But comparing the shades, It looks like a perfect light grey color. It looks so good that I don’t dare to call it a fake.

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Knock-offs can emulate LEGO’s colours pretty well at times. [quote=“LegoDavid, post:303, topic:11690”]
The official pieces have a number on them, and this one has not.

That’s probably the best indication that this might be a knock-off part. In any case, it remains an interesting mystery.


I am pretty good at distinguishing real LEGO parts from Knock-off parts, and this one definitely doesn’t look like one to me…

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Weird flex but ok

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Anybody has any idea where this came from?

If the part is more yellow than the pictures suggest it might be from set 8504 Jet or Judge depending on where you got it.

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Yep, it seems it’s from Jet. Thanks!

Keetorange lower toa metru leg, where did this come from?


8996 Skopio XV-1