What Should've Happened

“Final battle.” Part one
skull basher crashes into the wall behind him
Tahu:Onward ,we must save the mask of creation.
Onua:wait Tahu I think we shouldn’t just run in there, we need a plan.
Tahu:we don’t have time for plans, we have to save the mask of creation.
Kopaka:This is why Tahu shouldn’t be the leader, if I was leader-
Gali:stop This kopaka ,we must stop arguing like mindless rahi and move onward.
the toa enter the temple of creation and see skull grinder surrounded by skull warriors hanging over the forge.
Kulta:Welcome toa to the destruction of the mask of creation.
Ekimu:kulta, I won’t let you destroy the mask of creation.
lewa charges towards kulta and full speed, but lewa’s mask was snatched off his face and Lewa crumbled to the ground.
Skull slicer puts the mask on his face.
Skull slicer;Nice to see you again toa.
onua swung his hammer and slicer and slicer jumped above onua and kicked him in the back.Tahu swung his sword downwards towards slicer,slicer blocks Tahu’s sword with a jagged blade.The skull warriors charge avid fire upon the toa.onua swings his hammer down crushing the life out the skull warriors.gali Sprays slicer with water and kopaka freezes him solid, pohatu threw his boomerangs at the frozen slicer and shattered his body into pieces.gali picks up his mask avid throws it at Lewa,Lewa puts in on his face and springs into action
Onua:we’re surrounded!
Pohatu:This doesn’t look good.
Lewa:I have an idea,pohatu use your powers to make a tornado, Tahu heat up the sand .Then kopaka gali and I will take out the other half.pohatu bombarded the warriors with sand , Tahu used his flames to imprison then in glass , ouna smashed the imprisoned skull warriors into pieces. Gali once again sprayed the horde of warriors with water , expect this time Lewa flew causing a breeze and then kopaka froze then solid.
Onua:What do you know your plan worked.
Lewa:I learned from the best.
Ekimu:Don’t celebrate yet we still have to defeat kulta.
kulta stood there in shock
Kulta: You may have defeated my army easily , but you won’t defeat me with out a fight.
skull Grinder shoved the mask of creation on his face
Kulta:I will destroy the mask of creation after I have killed you.


What should’ve happem
You no God at Engrish

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Eh. This doesn’t add anything good to the story, you’ve just got Slicer being alive still, and a silly G1 reference with the glass tornado. I don’t like it.

Also, I edited the title.

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Yah, I’m gonna have to agree with the good, ol’ Avocado Warrior.

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Whaaah? That Gif just transformed!

I don’t know what you’re talking about. :smirk:

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Okoto doesn’t have Rahi. Rahi is a G1 term. They’re nothing but normal (and by that I mean normal in an Okotian’s mind) animals.


how come ?

@PekekoaOfJungle thank you for opinions.

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If you’re talking about the Gif, that was directed towards @PekekoaOfJungle, but if you were talking about the comment, I agree with Pekekoa on his post about the story.

hmm alright ,i’ll keep that in mind when i write the second part.

@Grievous I try to add in a couple terms here and there.

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