What Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

Gotta love that Christmas cheer.

The Russian Power Rangers.

Moscow, Moscow
Come and have a drink again
You will never live again

The Ali-a theme song

Oh yeah, and this one.
I am extracting my vital power from this song.

Three songs, each from a different musical I recently listened to the soundtrack for.

"Hello!" From Book of Mormon
"Chip on Your Shoulder" from Legally Blonde
and "Popular" from Wicked.

If this isn't the perfect musical personification of the holiday spirit, I don't know what is.


Please kill me.
Please kill me.

And the best part about being hooked by it is that the lyrics never directly talk about it being Christmas, just that it was like Christmas. So I can hear it out of season

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Welcome to the Jungle

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I really enjoy the guitar to the song, plus the vocals are pretty good as well

Don't ask why.

That’s amazing. Right now for me it’s Time In a Bottle


Can this play during the Far From Home end credits, please?

Anyhow, I've been playing too much Dead Space recently so...


Yes please


I've discovered this gem when I found out it was used as a sample for "Superheroes" by Daft Punk. Since then I've been listening to it a lot and it's now stuck. Something is in the air truly.

Probably one of my favorite Wilco songs now