What the--

Today the main page got "updated" again -- and the two posts not only were totally unrelated to the podcast's subject matter, but also uses some slightly offensive language. Did the news feed get mixed up with another thing, or is this a hack?

Image (of the non-offensive update:)

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so I believe the stuff they are reblogging from tumblr is coming on the front page
gosh darn it ___

I saw this as well. I really doubt any chance this is some kind of joke. It really has me wondering how it could have happened. Possibly just a strange bug? There would seem to be a possibility of a hack after what just happened with the forums not to long ago.

OK, that would make more sense.

Chances are it is a news feed mix-up likely tumblr set to automatically post whatever they like or favourite. I've brought it to their attention so hopefully it will be fixed soon

Can confirm that I am seeing this on my tumblr dashboard.

It's Kahi being a moron and reblogging stuff while logged in to the TTV account.

He's done this several times now -_-


knew it

The Tumbr app, for whatever reason, does not recognize my actual Tumblr as my default one and keeps resetting it to the TTV one.



Tumblr Terribly Vindicates


So that's why there was this weird Frozen thing on there once.