What was Teridax doing during the Toa-Dark Hunter war?

By the time the Toa-Hunter War happened in Metru Nui, Teridax had been assigned to watch over the city for some 76,000 years. Although I'm aware that by this time he was conspiring to depose of Mata Nui, allowing the Dark hunters to capture the city would be of no benefit to him (in fact quite the opposite; without a stable Metru Nui the Matoran Universe falls into disorder), and helping the toa would have lent credence to his-benevolent front. So where was Makuta Teridax?

And as a follow up, what was his relationship with Turaga Dume prior to impersonating him? Did Duma struggle with sharing power, as he did with the Turaga of Mata Nui, or was he not even aware that Teridax monitored the City of Legends?

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Well I believe Teridax might have something to do with Dume's imprisoning into the Matoran Spear since we've did know that Vezok and Hakann (I think) kidnapped Dume, and we've also know that Teridax turn the form of Dume, so he can do he's ultimate plan that is taking control of The Great Spirt Robot, and thought Mata Nui into deep space forever.

I think that Teridax was sitting in his Makuta cave (a mancave for a makuta) and was thinking to himself "how I can completely and totally ruin every single life inside this giant robots....I KNOW I will put Mata Nui to sleep and take over his body. Now to make it really complex so I can keep bionlce going for a good decade or so." He then draws up some really cool concept art and designs some amazing sets and sent the stuff to Lego and Greg, but they rejected it so he got some ice cream and watches the kohlii games while crying himself to sleep for a week or two.
Anyway those are just my thoughts.


I'm pretty sure that he started to put his plan into action while the toa were distracted

Probably drinking his Mountain Dew and eating Doritos while being edgy.

Dude you forgot about the makuta cave. He was drinking Mountain Dew eating Doritos and being edgy in his makuta cave!

I'm guessing he was sitting around and trying to let two of his problems take care of each other.

I would believe that the Turaga was the governor of the city up until a problem of some gravity occured, in which case Teridax would step in. Teridax already had a full plate with leadership of the Brotherhood and concocting his master plan.

Well, first of I'd say that the inhabitants of Metru Nui probably weren't that eager to get help from the Brotherhood - let's just remember how Teridax "pacified" the city the last time - locking everyone who wouldn't put down their weapons in the Archives and letting Rahi loose on them.

Then Teridax might have been the Makuta of Metru Nui, but he also was the leader of the Brotherhood and thus Makuta of Destral. I deem it most likely that Teridax wasn't even in Metru Nui at the time, but instead took care that the preparations of taking over control of the Universe would proceed.

Most importantly, though: Let's say the Dark Hunters would've won. What then? All Toa of the city would be dead or imprisoned - exactly what Teridax wants. The Matoran would be put to work - exactly what they're supposed to do. The armies of the Brotherhood far outnumber the Dark Hunters - if they should have any problem with the Makuta taking over the Universe they would be crushed. After all the sole reason why the Brotherhood of Makuta - Dark Hunter "War" after the Great Cataclysm went on for so long was because the Brotherhood didn't pay much attention to it. I mean, the Dark Hunters couldn't really hurt the Brotherhood as a whole - if they had tried to take Destral they would have performed suicide.

I'd say Teridax didn't really care about Metru Nui as a city - he let Turaga Dume handle everything until it became time to take matters into his own hands and then simply put Dume to sleep.


Eating his breakfast, putting on his shoes, tying his shoes, putting on his coat, grabbing his hat, looking for his keys, packing his lunch, fetching his umbrella, taking the I-40, getting stopped in traffic, etc.

He arrived just in time to kidnap Dume.

Man if only Some more people crashed..... how it would have changed
Take this time to remember kids that car crashes can save the lives of innocent matoran

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All fair points, to the serious comments.

Though I still feel that Teridax would have been expected by the toa to help with the disaster, as at this point he is still attempting to maintain his benevolent false front. As to the matoran not wanting his help after the archives massacre, this was probably the best point- the matoran would have no doubt been wary of Teridax's "help", though to go so far as to say they preferred the possibility of a Dark Hunter takeover seems a bit much.

Well, I'd say the Matoran weren't really in danger, after all the Dark Hunters didn't want to economically ruin Metru Nui. And even if the Matoran preffered the Makuta over the Dark Hunters - the Matoran had no word in this conflict. It wasn't the Metru Nui- Dark Hunter war, it was the Toa- Dark Hunter war. With Dume and the Toa following his call against the Shadowed One and his mercenaries.

Maybe the Matoran would have been fine with the city being overrun by hordes of Rahkshi and Visorak - because credulous as they are they would have expected everything to go back to normal once the Dark Hunters were defeated. Dume and the Toa on the other would have known that once the Brotherhood was in the city in force it might well stay - and they wouldn't be able to prevent that.

Come to think of it it might have been a nice opportunity for Teridax to seize control over the city if Dume had requested his help. It would have made it "legal" for him to take control over Metru Nui...


That would be a cool alternate dimension, I like it. Good points.

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probably egging Dume to request his help. Got spurned by his refusal. And so hence, impersonated him and began the grand plan, like the Lich from Adventure Time

I’ve had another interesting thought on the matter, 1.5 years later…

Vahki were constructed by Nuparu sometime before the war, and even before the Kanohi Dragon was set loose for the second time. Interestingly enough, we don’t hear much about them during the Toa’s battles with the Dark Hunters, but it would be reasonable to assume that their numbers increased exponentially during that time frame in order to assist with the defense of the city.

The war ends, and until the arrival of the Morbuzakh 2000 years later, there is never again another notable skirmish within or around Metru Nui. However, there are 5000 Vahki by the time of the 2004 storyline–five times the number of Matoran who would come to live on Mata Nui!

Makuta uses the Vahki to hunt the Toa Metru, press the populace into Matoran spheres, and oppress the Matoran in general. Perhaps a contributing factor in Makuta Teridax’s lack of engagement in the Toa-Dark Hunter war could have been his desire to artifically allow the numbers of Vahki squads to explode and remain extremely high until his Metru Nui takeover, in which case he would have an unquestionably obedient and legal army at his back.

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