What was your favorite year for Bionicle?

i was thinking the other day about what my favorite year for Bionicle was. i couldn’t decide. so i wanted to get some opinions from other people about what was their favorite year, and why?

2004 was awesome, I love how Metru Nui explained a lot without really explaining anything.

least favorite year was 2005. Hate the Hordika.

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My favorite year (that I was around for as a fan) was 2007.

Favorite year was '06 cause that was around the time I learned the real value of money and started saving up to buy sets

Also Vezon

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Easily 2008 for the Phantoka and the Battle Vehicles.

2004, I had at least one set before that year but that was the year I started really getting into practically everything Bionicle related - the books, the sets, the website (followed by BZPower) and the Kanoka Club. Overall in retrospect I like the story the most too, the science fiction atmosphere is what really makes 2004 special to me.


TOTALLY 2003! Great titans, and Matoran!

2004 (the year i got into bionicle). By that time i was 4, so i could actually talk, walk, and anything else 4 year olds do, and my aunt bought me toa onewa. 10 years later, he is miraculously intact (along with the other toa metru). Metru Nui was a fun year for bionicle, with the new bendable arms, so they now have elbows and knees

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Mine had to be 2006. With all the awesome comics and storyline, cool looking titans and Toa, and me and my brothers being able to collect almost every BIONICLE set that year, it has to be my favorite.

Besides, Axonn and Brutaka are awesome.

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I have 4 Vakama sets, just because I love 2004.




I think 06 gets a bad wrap because its the year the Inika came out and we all came to hate those builds. And I feel like that’s lead to some backlash against that year. But lets look at it this way.


Piraka were the villains. How many great parts did those give us? Also, light up eyes. The very first effective launcher part. Nothing still works as good as the Zamour or any other launcher based off of it(midak sky blaster).
Axon and Brutika were bosses…
The Fenrakk spider was also a boss set.
Our first cloth element came in Vezon.
kardas Dragon Promotional set.
Light up elements, the eyes and the swords.
First playsets with figures that didn’t suck.
And that was the year the comic got revamped and Stewart Saygar was doing the art. It never looked as cool as it did when done by him in my opinion.

CONS The cons were that the Piraka spines didn’t really articulate well because of the head being connected.
Most of the Inika’s mask were ugly looking(again IMO) cept Nuparu’s his was boss.
The inika build ended up being repeated upon for the years to come and that sucked.

And this is just what I remember off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s other things. Also that was the year I went to Comic Con and Met Greg, and got TWO copies of the exclusive edition of ignition issue 3. So maybe I’m a bit biased. But still if you look past the fact the Inika builds ended up being rehashed. It was a really stellar year for bionicle and the last year where we had truly unique sets and designs for the Toa and Villains. After that they just rehashed the same parts and slapped on new weapons and masks and the occasional new armor part. So if you ask me. The best year of Bionicle was 2006.


I disagree with 2006 being the last year of unique builds. 2007 had a lot of them, all the Toa and barraki looking very unique from each other. 2008 stunk setwise though.


2002 for it’s story building, but the years I REALLY got into the story was 2006-2007.

And I think 2007 would be my favourite because it was the first time the story was NOT on an island. The dramatic ■■■■■ in scenery, Matoro’s sacrifice, combined with all unique set designs and villain characters/backstorys made it one of my favourite years.

In fact, 2007 was the first time I saw the leaks/prototypes and tried to build the sets before they were actually released.

Yes but they were still taking the parts from previous years and just rearranging them differently. Though the new parts to be made that year were really good to. But I meant in the sense that the sets from one year to the next were significantly different, like they were up until 2007.

yeah i think mine is 2006 or 2008

This is a hard one. Love '04. '01 has a classic feel, but '06 showed how vast the matoran universe is.

'05 sucked.

This is coming from someone who got into it around '10, so this is purely on story, and not biased with nostalgia. Wish I got into it earlier.


I agree 05 was kinda lame, both from a set and story perspective. The heads are somehwat hard to use, so are the vhisorak bodies. The Hordika chest armor though is a nice piece. But overall I think it was the weakest year with the exception for 2010, which they just crapped out on completely for the end of Bionicle.

  1. Gotta get dat glow-in-the-teeth dark. But seriously, I liked the tone and new styles of 2006.

2006 was the year I got my first Bionicle set (Toa Nuparu) so I would say 2006. Also because of the sets like Kardas and Brutaka. The story was also excellent.

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I agree with a lot of stuff in your post. 2006 was, personally, my favorite year. Great sets, great story, great tone. New and old characters getting the spotlight in fresh and exciting ways, and the Piraka… some of BIONICLE’s best and most engaging villains.