What was your first Lego set?

That set goes for so much nowadays. ( ;~;)

WHAT? it has like 40 pieces! what's so great about it?

One of these:

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I dunno. But the cheapest ones on Amazon ran for ~$40 last time I checked.

One of these is not like the others.

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What do you mean?

one of these came out at a much later date than the other 3

You see, I got the first 3 around the same time, in 2005, then for some reason, I didn't get or play with any LEGO sets between 2005 and 2007. In 2007, however, I got that Spongebob set, and from then on, I began to get more and more sets. So, I decided to throw that one in because it was the first set I got after the great hiatus, but it's technically not my first set. Also, by the time I got the Spongebob set, I lost most of the parts from the other sets.

One of these things just doesn't belong!!

That dino set was one of my first ten sets!
Except being the european version it was dino 2010(I was disapointed for no dinopocalypse in 10, except the temporary rip for bionicle) and instead of having a gun the minifig had a long whip piece with a chain.


Lego employee:"We're sorry to say we're cancelling BIONI--"


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oh lord i can barely remember. i think it was this one?

it was definitely some star wars set

It was ether was exo force or the hordisk and visorak or the inika

First set, got it when I was five.


This is kinda embarrassing but my first lego set I've ever owned was . . .

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Does a bag of Legos I stole from my older brother count? If not, it was a Znaps set.

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@CarumSarene Znap? Geez you must be like, what, 80 years old? Cavepeople used to play with those when they ran out of rocks to throw at the dinosaurs!

Actually I remember those when I was a kid, pretty cool little sets


I have no idea what my first stop was. It was definitely system though my first Bionicle was, drumroll please... Rahkshi of 2010 (Nektann too). Go's to show how long I've been a fan. Yep.

My first LEGO set was the Droid Tri Fighter from 2010.

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I thought I posted here but I guess not.


yeah this takes me back