What was your first Lego set?

i started out with duplo. first set was either one of the 2001 duplo buckets or one of the duplo bob the builder sets. got my first system sets in 2003 so my first system set was either


first bionicle was either eryeh or toa nokama


Honestly I wish I knew. The most that I know are the sets I had early on, and were possibly hand-me-downs from my older brother. The earliest I could catalog are:

  • 2674 Racing Team

  • 2696 Farm Tractor

  • 2603 Dinosaur Tub

  • 2434 Sheriff Jake

  • and 2284 Clown Go Round.

I have other LEGO sets from those years (1995-1999) in System, but I don’t know which I was given vs what my brother already had and I grew to play with. Even so, I had fun playing with these DUPLO sets, sometimes in tandem with System as I learned early that they were compatible.

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Pretty sure it was one of these two

not entirely sure which

I also had some duplo thomas the tank engine, but I don’t remember when we got them.


My first HF/Bionicle set was Raw Jaw.
My first real set that I remember of (tho I might be wrong) was a small pirate boat with a pirate. It was probably a bootleg, but I loved it.


Mine was either a chunky fire station or a tub of mickeys: