What would you do if a TTV cast member walked up to you?



If it’s Eljay?
Rip off his mask.
If it’s Meso?
High fives all around.
If it’s Kahi?
Walk away slowly…
If it’s Var?
Talk to him about Bionicle.


I’d say hi.


I would say hi until I realized who it was…

volently wets pants


I would say hello and have a friendly conversation. Maybe talk about the podcast or something.


I would feel weird because I would not recognize their faces (except for Eljay with a mask on of course).
If I would meet Eljay with his mask on I would ask him what’s he doing in my country and how does he know who I am.
After he would answer my questions I would show him the world (hue hue hue) I grew up in.


Did you not see the Comic Con videos?

Meso, Ven Var, and Kahi have all revealed their faces and such.


I saw those videos. For me, there is a huge difference between meeting that person in person and seeing that person on the internet. Personally, they would look really weird to me and I wouldn’t really recognize them. If I would then I would be really anxious to ask them if they are from TTV (I’m extremely shy and anxious person and doing a single mistake in public would feel devastating).


I was going to say that exact same thing.

Well, let’s put some thought into this. I would only recognize Kahi, Varderan, Venom, or Mesonak by looks alone, and I’d be most likely to recognize Mesonak if, say, I saw him walking down the road or something. First, I’d double check to see if it really was someone I knew. I’m paranoid about thinking I know someone only for it to turn out to only be someone who looks similar. Then I’d contemplate what to say, trying to think of it before they he left. Do I call him Mesonak/other cast member’s username? He obviously won’t recognize me. Then what do I say? Do I ask “Are you Mesonak from TTV?” How do I introduce myself? Do I refer to myself as “Willess”, “Someone from your message boards”, or maybe just “A fan of yours”? Do I even mention my username at all, or just go by my real name since it’s IRL?

Let’s say I got past all that and my own natural nervousness and started up a conversation. I’m not sure what I’d say. Although, if it was Meso, I might say “How’'s life and such.” Really, anything I would want to ask of a TTV cast member, I can ask here. Maybe I’d mention the latest episode or something. Perhaps I’d find out why they were where I was (assuming I’m at my home town). Maybe they’re here for some LEGO event I don’t know about? At the end, it’d be a nice, pleasant talk, and we’d say bye and head back home.

Now, that’s operating under the assumption that I was the one doing the talking. If I introduced myself as Willess, or mentioned that that was my username, perhaps he’d have some question for me.

In summary, it’d be cool to meet one of them like that. It might lead to a long interesting conversation, or it might lead to a short one. Depends on, well, a lot of things.



but what if it was @Eljay ??

Wave to them and say “Mardi Gras!” and see if they respond.

If they do respond, then I dunno.


Probably ask to get a picture with them.


Trick question: TTV wouldn’t walk up to me.


Walk away pretending I didn’t notice them

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oh so like @Risebell?

if I saw a ttv member, I would probably not do anything, as all of them are older then me.


Meso: High five him and talk about how awesome he is

Eljay: Spill a bucket of blue pins on him, and plot World War Eljay 2

Var: uhhhh talk about stuff

Kahi: … I dunno

Viper: Create a system of government called Zaktanism

Ven: Build an army of Omega Tahu’s


-freak out
-ask for their autograph
-then talk to them


With Eljay, I’d point him in the direction of the women’s bathrooms.

Anyone else, I would hand out highfives like Oprah hands out cars.


I’d probably say hi, then proceed to climb up a nearby building.

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I would probably strike up a conversation. If it was Var, then I’d ask to be his apprentice so that I may become as awesome as he is :stuck_out_tongue: