What would you do if a TTV cast member walked up to you?

I would just talk to them and take a selfie with them all.


"But first.....lemme take a selfe!"


And the 10,000 live stream.

I would say:

"Hey, your (fill in blank)! I watch your stuff and am helryx on the boards."

Edit: Forgot about dat selfie game...


Depends on their intention. And I can't think of anything beyond this right now.

DUDE ASK FOR AUTOGRAPHS ON MY (soon to be made) cardboard/paper mache KANOHI AKAKU

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I'd probably mess up some how and awkwardly walk away


If its Kahi: Try not to look homeless.


First off I would ask them for autographs and selfies. And then in no order:
For @IllustriousVar I would probably talk to him about the podcast and how much of a good job they've done.
For @Mesonak I would talk to him about video games and ask him how he has the patience to grind for so long.
For LJ I would ask him why he didn't put Nuparu in the McToran review. And I would tell him how to make friends.
For @Kahi I would try to get a homeless man to punch him.
For @Venom I would hold him ransom for MOC pieces.
For @Viper I would talk about 2006 or something.
For @exxtrooper I haven't thought anything yet.
And finally for the cannibal @TakumaNuva I would hand him the key card that would allow him to get into the studio that makes My Little Pony.

And of course I would mess up somehow and embarrass myself in public.
Except for Takuma. With him the cops would see me handing him the card and think its a drug deal.


If it was Kahi, I'd say "Just so you know, I'm not a hobo. Hey, that rhymes!" I wouldn't know whether to mention my username, because then they might judge IRL/text me by the other one. Its a quandary... A paradox... Maybe I would just wear a cardboard mask?

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From my experience from Comic-Con, there's nothing better than the feeling of being recognized for your work. None of us are anything close to celebrities, so it's not like we're bombarded with people knowing who we are. That interaction makes our day. I'm more than happy to take a picture, tweet, do a quick video, etc.

That being said, it's a little harder to recognize one of us in real life. I do tend to travel a lot, and we haven't had our real faces on camera long enough to make it stick just yet.

One thing about Eljay's mask is that he doesn't wear it out often in public (for obvious reasons). so recognizing him outside of hearing his voice might be a little weird. Honestly, I thought that Var's voice sounded different in real life, and he said mine was also completely different too.

However, I do have a TTV hat now that I tend to wear quite frequently. I'd say that if you saw anyone wearing our memorabilia that looks like us, it's a safe bet that they are us. Or, in the very least, they know of us and that can make that interaction much less awkward. Same goes for our t-shirts once they come out. That'd be the best way to spot anyone besides Eljay.


... I would say "sup?"

@Eljay- I kick him in the Mirus.
@Mesonak- we've talking about shows.
@Kahi- Talk about Lawyer stuff.
@Venom- Talk about Spider-Man stuff.
@exxtrooper- Talk about Star Wars stuff.
@Viper- Making.....un.....Just left that part.
@IllustriousVar- Talked about Bionicle.
@TakumaNuva- Talked about Morgan Freeman saying Polar Bear.


I'd say:

"Hello. You must be the TTV member I was asked to contact. I am an operative for AppLego. The truth is out there, but there's no time to explain now. Come with me if you want to live."


What would you do if they actually went with you?

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Lead them to an abandoned warehouse and hand them an encrypted flash drive, telling them that it holds all the answers. In reality, the flash drive would have only one file on it: The music video to "Never Gonna Give You Up."


... then who is that guy I see jogging down the street everyday with the golden Miru whenever i'm driven to school?


That's future Eljay. He wears it so you can't see his scarred face.


Probably punch them.

Unless it's Mesonak, in which case we'd have a grand discussion about Metroid and Ace Attorney.



I can't fathom why so many people are saying this.


Maybe they want their autograph in blood?