What Would You Expect from BIONICLE Ghost Sets?

Hey guys, with the names of some the 2016 sets revealed, I have hopes of Lego using glow-in-the-dark pieces, Light up eye stalks, and light up weapons again. But this time, Lego needs to make sure the eye stalks and weapons are water-proof. What do you think?


I’d like that very much. I love glowing stuffs!


They might I don’t know but then it hasn’t been 100% confirmed that they will happen in the first place.

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I’d like that, but we don’t know for sure if those names are legit or not.
There is nothing to prove that those names which were given to us are real names for the future sets.



In case you don’t recall, on the back of the inika canisters, there was a warning not to put the swords in water. The swords would be severely damaged.

What do you expect, they’re electric

I for one would enjoy having glow-in-the-dark bones and whatnot.


Second THAT!

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I don’t see the need unless someone plays with them in the bath tub or in a monsoon.

Thatwould be nice

What if they were underwater ghosts?

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Since when were ghost sets confirmed to be legit?

They weren’t yet they are simply likely.

Then the Toa will pollute all the water of Okoto with holy water and win #Bionicle2015cancelledconfirmed10/10

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Perhaps it should be.

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Gali will be the hero, not Nya level; but Takanuva level


Well, there’s the supposed 4chan leaks, and the supposed set names. It’s more a case of “corroborating evidence”. Still could be fake though.

Where were these supposed set names to be found?

@Gresh113 Somewhere on this website.