What would you have done if you were a member of the 2015 bionicle team before it was cancelled?

Hi, welcome to the topic! Comment what you would’ve done/ would’ve liked to see done before G2 Bionicle was cancelled. For instance, I would’ve liked to see mask packs for 2015 and 2016 similar to the ones from G1, but instead of making gold Kanohi/ masks, I would’ve made them translucent so they could match with their toa’s respective color (Tahu=Trans Red-ish orange, Onua= Trans purple etc)


Actually making the “Overlord” Makuta a set, if possible.


Either a set or put down instructions as a combo model. Because judging from JTO, the amount of pieces that would have been needed would make it pricier than Grievous, around 60 to 80$… I would still buy it twice, but still…

The JTO one’s going to be a combo model, but I was talking about this one.


I would want a makuta

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Prevent Ketar from existing /s

I have no idea, honestly. Maybe try for a better marketing strategy?

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Actually advertise it and the Netflix show.


change the commercial style

going with the standard lego toy commercial style I think was a mistake, if it was marketed how 01 was, with very little dialogue, I would have been fine if they basically updated and retooled the toa mata commercials with the 2015 sets, with a few modifications of course to show off the dual weapon functions like the nuva commercials did

would have also made an Okoto Online Game to flesh out the villages and create the mystery atmosphere


I would’ve went with a less cartoony aesthetic. For the sets as well as the animations/Netflix series.

Demanded and pushed a more emphasis on story, its importance, availability, and depth while not going to complex with it for the sake of complex. First just a world which is consistent with itself and then go from there.

Have the story influence the evolution of the sets, character designs, and choices, rather than the other way around.

Then properly advertise and market the story and sets through channels kids have more access to.


A vehicle set. I would have said something like
“The axalara won an award in 2008, so let’s try to be awesome like that.”


Keep it going


Cancel it as sooon as possible

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