What would you like in a G2 exo-toa?

before we start I know that an Exo-Toa that can suit a G2 Toa will probably never exist for size reasons, but if we got something like it for an Okotoran pilot what would you like to see in it (functions, size, looks)? I’m planning to make a MOC and post it here and will probably include any good/repeated functions said here in it.


2015’s piston add-on aesthetic on (not quite 2016 aesthetic) steroids.


It could hold the pilot inside ala classic Exo-Toa or perhaps a more Boxor approach with the pilot hanging outside. Aesthetic wise it should have a moderate amount of Pistons but more of the focus should be on the smooth armor look and other mechanical details like tubing, vents, pipes, etc. The retractable head and firing gun (updated of course) are features that should stay.

@Triple I thought of using a six stud shooter as the gun since that was what all the modern sets were using as guns, and I would personally take more of an Exo-Toa approach of the cockpit with the pilot inside.

Pile bunkers



I wish I could do this and also make it look good, while not making it super complex or hard to use…

It would be cool if it could fit a G2 Toa.

Nah, Lego could do it. It just probably be somewhere between 90 and 150 dollars.

If we got a G2 Exo-Toa, I would want it to have alternate builds so it would be compatible with all of the toa.

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