What would you like to see in a hypothetical G3 game?

I think we can all agree a game would improve brickonicle as a whole. However, this board is not about the platform on what it would be on or how it would look. I just want to know what you think is the most important thing is for a brickonicle game? This can range from gameplay to story.

As an example, I’ll give my answer: For me the most important thing is, to explain the backstory of the island, as it is in the storybible. While the TTV cast said the storybible is not meant to be in the main story, the things they and you came up with are to great to ignore. Yet, forcing them in kids ears during a tv-series is not the greatest idea. How do we solve this? Create a game, where one can speak to nearly every matoran (like mnog) and they will tell you backstory of the region/island, either directly or indirectly. The great thing is, the text can be skipped. Kids that will be bored or not interested, do not have to talk to the NPCs (Non Playable Characters). The NPCs for the main story of the game, do not have to spout exposition. The complex backstory created is not lost and not forced into the target demographic.

An example for this dialogue. In the stone-region (to lazy to remember the names) they had thought of creating mines as punishment for people who did not pay back large banks (if this sounds confusing, listen to podcast 255). Anyways, the player controlled character walks into someone’s house and the matoran who lives their seems to be packing. He sees you and ask you: “Do you work for the bank?”
-If you anwser yes, he says: “I pardon me for the mess sir, I was just cleaning the house to find money to repay you, hahaha”
-If you anwser no, he asks: “Can you help me pack my belongings. I have to run, otherwise I have to work in the mines.”


I think it should be a Bionicle Heroes type game, with action. That wouldn’t prevent it from telling an engaging story via cutscenes/choices. At the start of the game, you could choose your region, and that would dictate how the campaign goes for you, at least untill the toa meet up.


Oh man, the MNOG nostalgia :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that an AOG is the way to go.

Something like this may also work.


I said that right after this topic was created, I even called it AOG, I dont know why I deleted it tho

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Keep TT games far removed from the project is step 1 for making a good LEGO game.

Make it a character action game by PlatinumGames

Yeah the MNOG route is the best way to go; though would it have the player create their own character, or should they be playing as a prominent matoran (i.e Takua)?


While I like the idea that players can create their own characters, I think that it allows the player a little too much freedom, also if we were to make the game it might take a while to animate every character combination. I think that the player should be able to choose one of six characters, each one from a different region (e.g.Takua, Maku, Tamaru, Onepu, Kopeke, and Hewkii.) Gameplay could be different depending on which character you play and playing as a certain character will teach you about life in the region you start in (Tamaru, Kanae.)

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Very interesting idea. It might even be that a due to a quiz, your matoran is chosen. They did something like that in the pokemon mystery dungeon games.

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i personally would prefer a Bionicle The Game style of gameplay instead of a FPS like Heroes or the point and click adventure of MNOG.

I would just like an action adventure game:

obviously, better made than this was.



Admittedly, there can be more than one game; why not both? the MNOG style one goes more in-depth lore wise and the player plays as matoran, while the action-adventure game can be a playable story of Year 1 or something.


I would like a combination between MNOG 2 and Mask of Creation like, you explore the island as a Toa, go to NPCs houses, things like this, and then you fight with the Rahi, and the Rahkshi are the overlords. And everytime you defeat a Rahkshi you have a piece from the Mask of Time. You can fight with every Toa, but just in his region, so we will not be able to see Lewa vs Tuhrak (or how the Rahkshi of Fire is called. I should learn their names…).

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There needs to be good jumping. I don’t think LEGO could ever really get that down.