What would you think would happen if gorast/krika survived Karda Nui?

I just want to know what people think would happen


Realisticly? Probably what happened to the other two Makuta that were still alive at that time - getting imprisoned by Teridax and being forced to create Kraata and Rahkshi until eventually getting killed anyway.

What they would try to do?
Krika likely would have tried to hide from Teridax, although there’s also the chance that the Toa could have succeeded in persuading him to help the resistance.
Gorast would either still have stayed loyal to Teridax ending up creating Rahkshi or would seek revenge for Teridax’s betrayal, eventually seeking direct confrontation and dying in a fight she couldn’t win.

Or at least that’s what I think.


They’d probably try and fail to overthrow Makuta.

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Makuta are very powerful, especially Gorast and Krika. There’s a reason Teridax wanted to kill them when he did, he believed them to be a threat.

If they were smart, they would have shoved their differences aside, and fled to one of the southern islands AWAY from the Resistance. As long as the resistance occupied Teridax’s attention, they could escape unnoticed.

Once on the island, they could fortify it, creating hordes of Rahkshi loyal to them, and building Mazeka to use as anti-aircraft weaponry. By the time Teridax realized that they were alive, the pair should have made it sufficiently difficult for Teridax to defeat them. This leaves Teridax with a choice. 1) Ignore Krika and Gorast, and let them grow even stronger with potentially disastrous results, or 2) send a force away from the Resistance to destroy the Makuta, leaving the Resistance with the possibility of gaining the upper hand, with potentially disastrous results.
In all likelyhood, however, if Krika and Gorast began to do as I described, Teridax would have been killed long before they were discovered. Migrating onto Spherus Magna, the pair would likely gather the wild Rahkshi, and attempt to gain control of the Skrall. Having done both of these, I bet they would make a bid for the planet.

If Gorast survived, and Krika was unaware of the fact, then I think she could do as outlined above in a bid for revenge. Krika on his own would be too stupid, perhaps joining the resistance and being killed. If Krika was aware that Gorast survived, and he split with her, he would surely give up the information to Teridax accidentally if caught, almost ensuring Gorast’s death.

Anyways, that’s how I think it’d go down.


Assuming Teridax isn’t immediately aware that any Makuta survived the storm

I feel like Gorast wouldn’t still be loyal to Teridax, considering her response to the Karda Nui energy storms. She would probably be despondent for a short while before returning to her usual rage-state and waging war against Teridax. She most likely wouldn’t attempt to get help from Toa, matoranl, steltians, etc because she sees them as lesser beings when compared to a Makuta. I could see Gorast allying herself with some Order of Mata Nui members such as Brutaka, Tobduk, or Axonn, primary due to their incredible power and questionable temperament, but in the end Teridax would easily single her out (she’d probably announce her presence or do something else unremarkably stupid) and dispose of her. Who knows, perhaps he’d teleport Miserix to her location and watch him kill her. In the end, she stands no chance of survival and her aggression will be her downfall.

Krika has established that he can’t work with Toa- when he was conversing with Tahu, he revealed that Makuta were simply too jealous of their altruistic nature to ever work with them. Additionally, Krika would feel guilty for playing the part that he did in the grand plan, and this could mean that he would either take immediate action to sabotage Teridax or exile himself. I can see Krika as more likely to take the second option due to his more passive attitude, though supposing he encountered Miserix I can picture the two working together in some way (due to him sparing miserix’s life). In the end, though, Krika would most probably meet the same fate he did in canon: fading out of existence. Krika would avoid detection for a long time by Teridax by keeping a low profile, both out of shame and self preservation, and eventually be forgotten by Teridax, the Toa, and the remainder of the Matoran Universe.


Do you think that any being Gorast might ally herself with might be able to reign her in? I.E., some OoMN member convincing her that patience, wit, and skill are the keys to revenge, not announcing her presence/being stupid?

The thing is, though, that Teridax likely kept an eye on what was going on in Karda Nui once he had occupied the core processor and thus become one with the Great Spirit Robot. I believe that at this point he could “see” every place in the Matoran Universe as well as magnify his own powers via the Great Spirit Robot’s systems (for example the very strong illusion he could trap Miserix in), but he wasn’t yet able to access the Great Spirit Robot’s own systems due to a lack of energy.
As a Makuta Teridax had the ability to sense other Makuta, so once Karda Nui was “restarted” and he had the energy to use his new body, Teridax used his new abilities - being able to influence pretty much everything within the Matoran Universe (for example he was able to let Guardian simply get swallowed by the ground), to locate and capture all Makuta who were still around.

Under the assumption that they get this far - Gorast might. But Krika I can’t see being one for conquest. He’d rather be one to claim some remote region as his own, declare himself it’s protector and leave it at that. Or he’d simply take up a life as a hermit somewhere where no one bothers him. I can totally see him living in some remote cave debating philosophical questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh, I always had the impression that Krika was rather smart. Perhaps he wasn’t overly ambitious and didn’t like to engage in confrontations that could be avoided, but his political understanding as well as his assessment of people’s personality always seemed pretty spot on to me.

Again I have to disagree. That’s rather something Gorast would do if enraged enough. Krika only might use this kind of information on purpose if he believed it would enable him to survive. I mean, he did keep secret that Miserix was alive for about 80,000 years, didn’t he?

Well, didn’t work so well for Spiriah. I doubt Miserix is too grateful about being locked away for 80,000 years constantly being harassed by Rahi. Also Krika DID join Teridax at the Convocation.

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Huh. I had always thought Gorast was smarter, lol

I think it’s definately possible with some of them… the problem is that most of the main OoMN members are accounted for throughout the duration of Teridax’s reign: Brutaka, Axonn, Helryx, Johmak, Etc. Tobduk is 100% a potential candidate, because we don’t see him in any serials, as is Hydraxon and Trinuma. Trinuma simply isn’t powerful enough to be noticed by Gorast, and frankly Hydraxon isn’t either. Neither have any real offensive abilities and we have no records of their tactical feats, so Gorast allying herself with them seems rather unlikely. Tobduk is powerful enough and smart enough to kill two Makuta, so he’s very dangerous- not to mention he’s at least as crazy and murderous as Gorast is. However, he’s also very good at keeping a low profile, as we saw when he eliminated the Brotherhood forces from the Artahka raid. Were they to meet, right off the bat we have some issues. The Makuta’s Visorak destroyed his homeland and killed his friends. Could he see past that in order to dethrone Teridax? I’m not sure. Presuming he doesn’t and his “perpetual rage” pushes him to attack Gorast, the two are locked in very deadly combat, with Tobduk feeding off Gorast’s trademark rage and growing stronger; Gorast battering Tobduk with her greater range of offensive abilities. Who wins? That’s pretty tough, but I believe Gorast would slightly edge out Tobduk. Gorast kills Tobduk, but in the destruction, Teridax would undoubtedly take notice. Then it’s over. Now, presuming Tobduk and Gorast work together, they become the most deadly duo in the Matoran Universe, IMO. Though they would hate each other due to their butting-pesonalities, Tobduk’s extensive knowledge of the Universe (He helped make the atlas), strength, cold-intelligence, and ability to lay low teamed with Gorast’s raw power, aggression, and detailed knowledge of the Makuta’s grand plan actually gives them a scarily good chance at taking down Teridax. The only problem is causing another great cataclysm- the Shadowed One has the viruses. So What probably happens is they go to the core processor, much like the others (Miserix, Tren Krom, etc) did, and quickly make the decision to destroy the core processor and kill Teridax, ending the universe in the process. Why? Gorast is angry and vengeful, and Tobduk always does what needs to be done. So they begin their journey to the core processor. do they make it? Maybe. Teridax is likely to notice them within a very short timespan if not immidiately once they enter the CP, so they have to act fast. speculation beyond this point becomes a little bit fruitless, becasue so many things could happen.
In reality, the first situation i proposed is the most likely, because in a universe with billions of living beings, what chance does Gorast have at bumping into one of a hundred OoMN agents, none of which she new existed? Almost no chance.

Kind of a different situation, though. When Miserix killed Spiriah he had no knowledge of the state of the MU. He kills Spiriah under the presumption that the brotherhood is still in the same state that it was in when the convocation happened. When he hypothetically meets Krika, Teridax is ruling the universe and Miserix has very, very few options. Not to say he wouldn’t try to kill Krika after Teridax was disposed, but in his situation I can see Krika being the one Makuta he might work with.


I guess the only way Gorast and Tobduk could accomplish anything is IF Tobduk noticed her before Teridax and IF he decided it would be worth it to work with her and IF she didn’t kill him simply for showing up.

Otherwise, it’d be super cool.


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