What YouTube Downloader Do You Use?

Hey guys and gals!

Many of you produce some pretty epic video content (parodies, BMVs, etc.) and doubtless have expertise with video editing. I’m currently working on a Star Wars documentary as a grad project and was wondering: what do you guys use to download and convert video files? I’m on the hunt for one that’s effective and allows me to export in high-quality.


There’s YouTube Red…

I don’t really like the idea of paying for YouTube, and also had to download videos before that came out, so I use Video Download Helper for Firefox.


Clipconverter, its online with occasional ads, enables you to download videos quickly though. I use it to download trailer’s so i can get the images from them for reviews,


i have found that SaveFrom is a really useful youtube downloader

I personally use Youtube mp4 mostly, and Cloud Convert for file conversion if i ever need to.